Every good housewife strives to surround herself in the kitchen with high-quality and beautiful tools and accessories. Cutting boards are one of them. It seems to be just everything, but there are interesting nuances. There are many types of cutting boards! Among them: bending, wooden, bamboo, glass, hevea, plastic, thermoplastic, folding, rubber, composite, paulownium (from Adam’s wood) and even steel (rarely presented in Russia) …

But they are all just a background against which end cutting boards stand out noticeably. It is believed that they are used by real, professional chefs. Fans of the cooking shows of Jamie Oliver, or Alex Ducasse, or Yulia Vysotskaya will surely remember that they cooked on these massive end cutting boards in most of their shows.

Why are they preferred by professional chefs? Until you try it once, you won’t understand.

End cutting boards: features and benefits

Due to the vertical arrangement of the wood fibers, the knives stay sharp longer. The blade of the knife does not cut the fibers, as in ordinary boards, but penetrates between them, whether it slides. You literally do not cut, but «fly» with a knife on the surface. And the fibers return to their original state after each “unclenching” with the blade. This self-healing is the unique benefit of end cutting boards! For many years, there are almost no traces of a knife on it. The board doesn’t wobble. Chefs do not have to sharpen their knives several times per shift, as is the case with conventional boards. And even more so in the home kitchen.

End boards, due to the material (oak) and production features, are made thick and heavy. They do not slip, jump or roll on the table — the working surface of the cook. No need to put a rag or a damp cloth/towel, hold it at risk… Moreover, most models are equipped with boards with additional rubber or silicone feet! At the same time, the legs are insurance against absorption of water that accidentally fell under the board.

Massiveness gives additional security. Thanks to this, when you need to chop or beat something on such a board, the process is just a song! And the chop will become like a song. By the way, there is a special board for beating meat, the coating of which is like the coating of a meat hammer. It is completely covered with sharp cones. After processing meat on such a board, you will never change it for any other. It’s easy to beat off. The massive board does not “walk”, the “beat” is immediately double-sided. And on a competent board there are also grooves for blood flow. Yes, and the taste of the finished meat after beating in this way is amazing, it is so tender!

They are durable and keep a presentable look for a long time. And in an ideal kitchen — this is important. The material of the board, even if the board is assembled from different types of wood, is a natural antiseptic against food bacteria and, with proper care and observance of the rules of use, they do not linger on the surface. Although bacteria do not live on an oak board for more than an hour. Well, when treated with oil, the fibers are completely clogged.

Bottom line: bacteria do not penetrate, the board restores its appearance after cuts, microscopic particles of wood do not enter the human stomach with food. After all, we know that we cannot digest cellulose.

They look original, “road, bagato”, always impress guests.

They are ideal boards for the sharpest Japanese knives. And for ceramic knives too.

You can use the end boards as a tray or as a serving flat dish. It is both beautiful and you can cut on it, if anything, on the table. And no need to shift the culinary masterpiece and another dish.

It is these boards — end boards from Caucasian oak that have been made and offered to the consumer for three years now by the Private Carpentry Workshop LVF Nice Wood. At each stage of production, strict control of the results and strict adherence to technology. And this is a guarantee of the exceptional quality of our boards. By the way, the warranty for LVF nice Wood cutting boards is 12 months.

Well, now the conclusion: IT IS NECESSARY TO TAKE!