A footer is a kind of knitted fabric created using a special technology called a lining. It consists in using two types of threads: strong and smooth threads go to the “ground”, to the outer layer, the front part, loose and soft threads go to the inner lining layer, forming either a loopy texture or a pile.

Lined fiber is extremely soft, it is stronger, has greater strength, density and thickness. Its heat-shielding properties are well expressed, while the extensibility is low. This is due to the fact that a large number of internal loops prevents the fabric from stretching. The unraveling of such knitwear is much lower than that of other knitted fabrics.

The properties of the footer depend not only on the density and method of weaving the threads, but also on the characteristics of the raw material. Initially, all fibers have different lengths, the quality of the resulting material depends on it.

The Russian brand IRSEN for the production of products uses the highest quality footer — foam. It is created from the longest cotton fibers — they are smooth, uniform in structure, without villi and fluff, they have no porosity. It provides suits, sweatshirts, hoodies, etc. wear resistance, things from such a footer do not peel, do not stretch and do not deform when washed, the seams do not move on them.

Footer clothes are very comfortable, comfortable and suitable for almost any occasion. They go on walks, meeting with friends, on trips, at the dacha …. The assortment of the Russian brand IRSEN has a large color palette of hoodies, palazzo trousers, joggers, sweatshirts and dresses made of the highest quality footer, which will perfectly fit into lbry wardrobe.


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