While everyone is enjoying the hot days, we suggest getting ready for winter. Now we don’t mean stocking up on vegetables and berries, although if you like freezing, then why not “YES”, but we mean buying winter outerwear for children.

After a hot summer, a golden autumn will certainly come, and after it winter will come. In what do we see benefits of buying outerwear now? — even if winter comes suddenly, it will not take you by surprise.

You will get overalls from the back of the closet and will rejoice at your forethought; — a huge assortment. It is closer to summer that new winter collections are sewn off. And you have a chance to choose among the many options exactly the best jumpsuit; — the best prices. After all, with the advent of the season, demand will increase. And, accordingly, the price. So you can save money and see for yourself later. But how among the many manufacturers to choose exactly what perfect for your child? We highly recommend taking a look at our brand NIKA Kids fashion.

Giving comfort, warmth and confidence to your children is our concern.. That is why, when developing a new collection, we took into account all the moments. The 5000/5000 mm membrane will protect your child in any weather from cold, wind and rain. Lining: foil fabric with silver fibers keeps heat inside the overalls and absorbs moisture. Isosoft insulation 250 g/m2.

Innovative product, characterized by lightness, high heat-insulating ability. Clothes with such a filler can be worn up to minus 35 °С. Knitted cuffs inside the sleeves and on the bottom of the legs. Cuffs are necessary and important elements of children’s clothing. Cuffs on the sleeves and legs allow you not to worry about excess width: they provide a neat fit (as a rule, outerwear is taken for several seasons). Cuffs do not twist, tightly fit the wrist or lower leg, without letting in neither frost nor windand also do not allow the sleeves or legs to move during active movement.

Overalls from NIKA Kids fashion can be in bright juicy colors or in more calmand there are also universal shades that will look equally beautiful on both the boy and the girl.

Reflective elements with the logo of our brand (on the shoulder, hood, mittens), stripes on the leg and at the bottom of the pocket allow you to safely move in the dark. Your child will be noticed. Drawstrings in the hood, chin guard, insulated collar — all these nuances give extra comfort. Our overalls look equally cool on children of all ages. Size range from 86 to 140.

Today, there is no need to choose between beauty and quality. In our overalls, the winter of your children will be bright, comfortable and memorable.


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