Life with a small child is always a big adventure: babies dream, are always ready to conquer the world and often come up with unusual uses for completely ordinary things. Today we also decided to look at ordinary things — a luminous blanket and bed linen — from different angles. So why would you need them?

Wrap up and watch cartoons

Creating a cozy atmosphere at home is sometimes very easy. To do this, you just need warmth, a hot cup of cocoa, a blanket or bed linen. But regular ones won’t work. You can wrap yourself in a glowing blanket or blanket in the dark and not worry that the baby will be afraid.

IMPORTANT! The brightness and duration of the glow of decorative elements depends on the intensity of daylight. The luminous component does not contain phosphorus and other harmful substances — it contains only an organic phosphor. The phosphor light accumulator has excellent resistance to water and various radiations, so its storage and recharging period is practically unlimited, it is absolutely safe for human and animal health.

Explore planets and stars with kids

The image of planets and stars on a luminous blanket can arouse great interest in the baby. Try to find out from the child what he would like to hear about the planets, the Universe and the stars and arrange small lectures. Just remember to prepare ahead of time.

Take on the road for night travel

If you go on a long journey by car, then on the road there may be difficulties that the baby will not be able to fall asleep. But you can try to take a luminous blanket with you, the journey with which will be more relaxed for the crumbs. Along the way, you can look at interesting drawings on a blanket, dream and calm down.

Build an unusual hut at home

Children always love to build huts at home from improvised materials — blankets, sheets, chairs and other «building» things. If you have luminous bed linen, then you can build a rather unusual hut from it. It will be especially cute in the evening, when it will be dark in the apartment. You can come up with an interesting story about how you and your child ended up in the forest, make tea in a thermos and drink it with sweets in a luminous hut.

For a hut, choose large sizes — so there will be more room for maneuver.

Thanks to babies, we adults can keep the desire to see the extraordinary in the ordinary. Play with your child more often, respond to his crazy ideas, get distracted from your affairs and enjoy life.


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