How to understand a woman or why men don’t hear us?

There are legends about the inability of men to understand women’s desires and actions — but in fact, a very deep meaning is hidden in numerous anecdotes and jokes on this topic. And why our strong and smart partners do not hear their fair half and react to our words in a completely unexpected way, there is a completely logical explanation.

Do men know us?

This is where the main root of all problems is “buried” — not a single man in the world knows women. The phenomenon of the “mystery woman” is explained by the cardinal differences in our worldview. Simply put, we think and act very differently.

The world of men is simple and understandable — they say what they think and act purely according to circumstances. Of course, on the first date, the boyfriend will not openly declare his sexual interest, but his attention to your person already speaks for itself. For men never meet with ladies who do not cause them erotic fantasies.

Why we are talking about sex — yes, because it is he who underlies all relationships from the point of view of the stronger sex. Unlike girls, for whom “high feelings”, walks under the moonlight and confidential conversations are very important, men look at reality more pragmatically. And in the process of courtship, they are ready to make any sacrifices in order to appear before the companion they like in the most favorable light — and achieve what they want.

However, men form their understanding of the feminine essence through the prism of their own vision of the world. In other words, they know themselves — and a priori perceive all those around them according to the same principle. In fact, in the world of men, these rules work flawlessly. What can not be said about the most unpredictable and mysterious half of humanity — women.

How women see men and what from them

are waiting

Women, on the contrary, put feelings at the head of relationships. It is important for them to have intimate conversations, share their thoughts and experiences, feel their importance for a partner. And the perception of relationships as a «single whole» gives rise to their conviction in some «superpowers» of the partner. For some reason, we are sure that he can easily guess our thoughts and desires, understand our hints and understatements. “He will see and understand…” Familiar, right?

Alas, men do not know how to read other people’s thoughts. Even if these thoughts hover in the head of a hotly adored woman. Here it is worth remembering that the thought processes of the powerful of this world are much simpler. Therefore, your cryptic phrases, cut off in mid-sentence, like veiled metaphors, will not tell him anything.

Meanwhile, for ladies, hidden meaning is the basis of everything. This is how we are arranged — and in a similar way we behave with friends and those whom we consider the closest. Therefore, when meeting a man, we subconsciously expect the same “skills” from him. Forgetting that he is not our girlfriend. And it should never be!

The ability to build the right relationship with a man requires us to have special female wisdom and intuition. It is important to know where to speak directly, forgetting about the tendency to ambiguity — and where to remain silent, smiling coquettishly. And, remembering his obvious sexual interest, skillfully use the period of courtship for his own purposes. The main ones are to tell the potential chosen one as much as possible about yourself and evaluate him for meeting our own expectations.

Your expert Natalia Akhmadova