Linen clothing is a constant hit every summer. With the onset of hot summer days or during the holidays, it’s time to put on outfits made of linen, this natural textured, always recognizable fabric, amazing in its properties.

Five reasons to wear linen

  1. Gplayability and breathability. Thanks to these properties, linen clothing is ideal for hot weather and heat, it will cool. In such clothes it is comfortable, it quickly becomes dry. She breathes, it is easy and fresh in her. And when it’s cold, it will warm you up. Linen clothes are not electrified.
  2. Hypoallergenic and hygienic. Flax contains silica (silicon dioxide), which has a bactericidal and wound-healing effect. It is known that linen bandages promote faster healing of wounds, prevent the processes of decay and the reproduction of harmful bacteria and fungi. Does not cause irritation. We are talking, first of all, about undyed linen. And the more wrinkled this fabric is, the more natural it is, not additionally chemically processed. A find for allergy sufferers and those who lead a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Durability and strength. Another valuable property of linen fabric is the strength of the linen thread. Linen shirts in Russia were passed down from generation to generation. Such clothes are wear-resistant, and over time, they become softer and easier to care for.
  4. Fade resistant. Linen is resistant to sunlight. It retains its original color and freshness for a long time. But it is worth remembering the rules for the care of linen fabric, it is not recommended to wash dyed fabric at high temperatures. Do not twist it during the spin cycle, and dry it preferably horizontally, preventing complete drying. It is better to iron it when slightly damp and at a high ironing temperature.
  5. Aesthetics. Thin or thicker linen looks beautiful. The surface of the linen cloth has a slightly matt noble sheen and the aforementioned structure, which gives it a unique charm and attractiveness. Linen is devoid of elasticity, so it wrinkles easily and quickly. But for images filled with the spirit of freedom and naturalness, this shortcoming can be turned into a strong point.

Linen is good for residents of both southern and northern regions. In hot weather, a person in linen clothes has a skin temperature 3-4 degrees lower than in clothes made of cotton fabrics. A person using linen clothes feels comfortable in any weather. After all, nature itself took care of a person, giving him the opportunity to use completely natural flax fiber, truly Russian, which absorbed all the natural beauty and mystery of Russia.

A person who wears clothes made of linen and sleeps on linen, heals, because there is a complex cleansing of the skin, and, accordingly, of the whole body. Among other things, linen things have a beneficial effect on the immune system, forming a shield against diseases. The presence of even a small amount of flax fiber (up to 10%) completely eliminates the electrification of the fabric. Scientists have proven that the use of linen clothing prevents a number of diseases, since linen has rare bacteriological properties — neither bacteria nor fungus get along on it, and yet, linen fabric attenuates gamma radiation by almost two times.

Interest in flax not only does not fade away, but, on the contrary, increases every year. The secret of such popularity is in the most valuable, truly unique, hygienic properties of linen, which has high breathability and the ability to remove heat and moisture.

In Russia, since ancient times, flax has been used for linen and clothing. Moreover, clothes made of linen fabric have always been considered festive and elegant. The first standard of Russia, approved by Peter I, was the standard for flax. But despite such a solid age of many thousands, Linen, as the most ancient textile, remains Forever Young. Now linen clothes are stylish, comfortable, and most importantly, eco-friendly clothes.


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