It would seem that a mouse pad is needed, just to improve the glide of the device on the surface. What does the size have to do with it and why does everyone say that large rugs are better? Let’s figure it out!

If we go back to the origins, initially the mat was needed to improve the quality of the ball movement on the table. Later, «ball» mice stepped aside and were replaced by laser ones. And along with them, the need for rugs has also increased. The laser in the mouse works like a camera — it scans every millimeter and transmits a signal to the device. The smoother the surface on which the laser moves, the smoother and clearer the cursor moves across the screen. Everything is extremely simple. In short — the mat is needed to provide the sensor with a clear and crisp picture for adequate and stable operation.

It’s all good, but why big?

There are several important aspects here. Everything in order:

1. Ease of use.

The larger the mat, the more space the computer user has for wrist movements. Everything is simple and clear. It is especially important to have «sweep» for gamers, video editors and graphic designers. After all, it is very disappointing when you are drawing a straight line for the entire page, and then suddenly the cursor jumps due to the fact that the mouse has jumped off the rug.

2. Protection of the table surface.

The larger the rug, the more devices will fit on it. On a large gaming mat, you can fit not only a mouse, but also a keyboard, monitor or laptop. And thus protect the surface of your desktop from scratches that appear due to the constant movements of accessories on the table top.

3. Fixation.

As we have already found out, the larger the rug, the more devices will fit on it. Only one more plus is that in this way it is possible to protect not only the desktop, but also documents on the computer from accidental «edits» that may occur during unplanned movement of the keyboard or laptop on an unfixed surface.

In general, in short — the larger the rug, the more pluses it has.

And that’s what we sell in our store. Come to us, maybe the perfect one is waiting for you right here?


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