Oh, these girls … Believing in romance, in fate, in unusual coincidences. Our wonderful, extraordinary, touching daughters who dream of princes, want to see a unicorn and believe that dolls talk at night. Childhood needs to be filled with magic, and parents can participate in this process.

Why are miracles important to children?

The world of a child is filled with magic, because children have too little rational experience to explain certain processes. Both girls and boys are looking for magical manifestations in the world around them. But little princesses, as more emotional creatures, usually do not hesitate to hide their belief in a beautiful fairy tale.

Hope for supernatural powers helps children overcome the difficulties that are encountered in the early stages of understanding the world. And it is important for parents to support this belief, because in adulthood the fantasy world is transformed into optimism and creativity.

And let the child believe that his desires can come true. After all, confidence in one’s own omnipotence expands the boundaries of possibilities, and in the future it will help to aim at something like that … Successful dreamers grow into successful people over the years!

Help for the sorceress

When designing a set for creating children’s jewelry, we were inspired by a magic wand. Such a magic wand, so that by waving it, the girl immediately felt more confident in the company of unfamiliar peers, easily learned a given poem, or could attract the attention of a pretty desk mate.

Only a magic wand is a bulky and not very elegant item, to be honest. But a beautiful bracelet for girls — that’s it!

And although a set of children’s jewelry as a wish maker is not as advertised as a goldfish or Santa Claus, the process of creating a miracle is identical:focus, think and make some effort.By the way, you also need to catch a fish, and Santa Claus needs to write a letter.

Our bracelet making kit is simpler. You just need to choose the necessary pendants, guided by special instructions, and here it is — the desire on hand.

And, you know, it comes true!

The secret of a dream come true

For desire, a clear formulation of the goal and faith in one’s own strength are important. The young sorceress will set herself the task of writing her homework well, and will select the necessary symbols: for example, a carriage (for memorizing information), a clover (for good luck), a crown (for confidence).

Then, he sits down at the table — and here they are, signs of future achievements before your eyes, and elements of magic make any routine work more interesting. Well, how can you not believe that everything will definitely work out!

There are so many inexplicable and so many beautiful things in the world, let this be present in your child’s life, and miracles will happen to you more often.

And most importantly, remember that a person himself creates a miracle when he believes in himself. We sincerely wish both children and adults that their dreams come true!

And we hope Magic Jewelry Making Kit #1 can help with that.

Always yours — magical BellaDea jewelry.