Healthy teeth in a child is the goal of every parent. How to reach it? Regular check-ups at the dentist, eating less sweets are familiar rules that everyone strives to follow. But the main component of healthy teeth, of course, is oral hygiene. How to make daily brushing your teeth more effective? That’s right, you need to choose the right toothbrush.

What should she be? For an adult, it is important that the brush cleans well without damaging the enamel. For a child, it is important that the brush is attractive and interesting.

The requirements of adults and children are perfectly combined in the ON WHITE toothbrush. It contains 10,000 bristles that gently clean and polish children’s teeth. Each bristle has a tapered tip, which means it penetrates better into the interdental spaces, removing all unnecessary from them. Ultra-soft bristles provide the most gentle care, without damaging delicate enamel and gums.

Adults can be sure that the child will be comfortable using the brush on their own, as it has a thickened ergonomic handle. Even for children who are just starting to brush their teeth on their own, it will be convenient. By the way, the brush is suitable for children from 2 years to 9 years.

Another plus of this toothbrush is that it has a special surface for cleaning the cheeks and tongue. But we know that oral hygiene is not only brushing your teeth.

Children will definitely appreciate its friendly design and pleasant color. With ON WHITE, a daily hygiene routine will become a fun pastime for children and a guarantee of cleanliness for parents!

Let the teeth be healthy, and the mood is excellent! We remind you that dentists recommend changing your toothbrush every two months.


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