Pans, pots and ladle Ritmo is a design collection awarded Gold Award at the international exhibition of import and export goods Canton Fair. Streamlined shapes and classic black color emphasize the elegance, discreet simplicity and at the same time premium line. Ritmo cookware is made of aluminum with a non-stick coating, the handles are made of heat-resistant plastic — Bakelite with a velvety soft-touch coating. With it, it will be easy to create both complex dishes and fry scrambled eggs in the morning.

Ritmo aluminum cookware is a modern solution that makes life easier for the hostess. It is not heavy, easy to clean, looks great and allows you to cook without oil. The non-stick coating prevents the appearance of foci of burning during cooking. However, some buyers have a prejudice against aluminum non-stick products, believing that:

1. Non-stick coatings are hazardous to health;
2. Aluminum leaves a metallic taste;
3. Cookware with non-stick coating requires special care.
4. Aluminum cookware is not suitable for induction.

Myth 1. It is based on the fact that perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), which is contained in Teflon coating, increases the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, causes cancer and other equally dangerous pathologies (according to studies conducted in the USA after a class action lawsuit in 2001 *). Another thing is that PFOA is only dangerous if the dishes are overheated or the coating is damaged. But the main thing is that this substance, like other harmful components, is not part of all coatings, and it is definitely not in the Ritmo coating.

For example, all Moulin Villa non-stick cookware coatings — Whitford, Goldflon, Pfluon, etc. — do not contain PFOS, as well as cadmium (CADMIUM) and lead (LEAD). Cookware from the Ritmo collection has a safe five-layer water-based non-stick coating. It is durable and wear-resistant: it can withstand up to 10,000 cooking cycles and is easy to care for. If cared for, the Ritmo frying pan will last a very long time.

Myth 2. The statement is true if the aluminum cookware does not have a non-stick coating at all. Otherwise, the coating prevents the release of harmful substances and the appearance of a metallic aftertaste. Thus, Ritmo cookware does not react with food at operating temperatures (up to 260 ֯C) and leaves the products with an authentic taste and aroma.

Myth 3. It is based on the fact that special spoons and spatulas are needed for cooking on non-stick cookware. In fact, any non-metal accessories will do: heat-resistant plastic, wood, silicone. It is important that they do not scratch the pan and pan. For the same reason, non-stick cookware should not be washed with abrasive products and metal brushes. Dishwasher safe. It is important to choose a gentle mode and use products with a neutral pH level.

Myth 4. Aluminum cookware is not suitable for induction. This is true if the products do not have a special ferromagnetic bottom, which is recognized by the induction cooker. However, a steel ferromagnetic disk is integrated into the bottom of the Ritmo pans, pots and ladle, which allows you to use all the utensils of this line on any type of stove. By the way, the thickened bottom also makes the products more stable and improves the heat capacity of their bottom, which is important when cooking certain dishes on low heat.

If you do not take into account these prejudices and take into account the merits of dishes, then choice in favor of the Ritmo line becomes obvious. The collection includes frying pans of the most popular sizes — with a diameter of 24, 26, 28 cm (deep and with low sides), as well as a pan for pancakes, a wok, a grill, pans 2.2 and 4 l, a ladle 1.6 l.


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