Men often get hooked on comfortable things and do not change their favorite brands for years. In 90% of cases, in the men’s closet you can find a pair of favorite jeans and one suit for going out.

A classic men’s suit is suitable for almost any occasion, but not everyone wants to wear it every day, because there are more comfortable things. Fortunately, there are solutions, and one of them is a sports classic. This style has many advantages.


Men love convenience, and rarely tolerate uncomfortable and unhealthy things for the sake of beauty. Sweatpants and T-shirts look like the perfect solution, but what if you need to comply with the dress code?

Choose a suit in casual style — it is designed for comfort, and at the same time looks decent. The patterns have been developed over a long period of time together with Italian designers.


The costume is made of high quality luxury materials.

Top material:

— does not wrinkle;

— does not roll;

— does not lose color;

— retains its shape after numerous washes;

— resistant to wear.


Every man can stay stylish, and it doesn’t matter if he lives in a metropolis or in a small town. We have combined the street sports direction with classic restraint. This style is very versatile and is great for men of all sizes and ages. The suit can be worn both for work in the office and for a social event.

It is possible to look solid, and at the same time be in a trend! The use of a raw edge makes the suit even more modern and allows you to combine both trousers and jacket with various everyday items. for example, with GMarka T-shirts and jeans.