1. A common cause of “porridge in the mouth” is the weak training of the speech apparatus. Play simple games for his development now, and in the future the child’s speech will be clear and you will avoid speech therapy problems.

2. A kid with a developed speech can express in words whatever he wants;) He is understood and can provide the necessary support, and this is the basis of psychological health.

3. A well-speaking child quickly becomes the center of attention, he is singled out by educators and teachers. The child learns to be a leader.

For those who do NOT SPEAK yet or speak little, we have a unique technique «Smart Girl®. We say «large basic kit. There will be enough play activities for at least a year, and as the baby grows older, they will become more and more diverse. You can start from birth!

What’s inside Umnitsa®. Are we talking?

For those who DO NOT SPEAK INDIVIDUAL sounds or pronounce words indistinctly, we have «Umnitsa®. Chatterboxes

«simulator» for pronunciation of complex sounds. They have selected rhymes that train the speech apparatus, give a clear and correct sound pattern. Just a few minutes of classes a day, and you will see (or rather, hear) the result!⠀


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