To dry or not to dry your hair?

There is a theory that hair should dry naturally and blow-drying it dries it out and leads to split ends. Others say that you should not dry your hair when wet, because in this case they are more damaged.

So to dry or not to dry? That is the question.

If we consider the structure of the hair, then when wet, the hydrogen bonds stretch and become brittle, and can be damaged. When dry, they return to their original position. This ability of the hair allows us to wind our hair on curlers.

Wet hair can «sweat», especially if they are wrapped in a bun and walked with it for an hour, or even more. Moreover, they create tension on the bulb and they can fall out.

It is better to dry your hair on the MEDIUM temperature of the hair dryer. The direction of flow should be from roots to tips. Reversing the airflow, from the tips to the roots, we injure the structure of the curls. At the same time, damaged cuticle scales are lifted up, the hair becomes brittle and porous, which can cause shine to disappear and dryness appears, and with it electrification.

After shampooing, be sure to use a balm with moisturizing ingredients to close the scales and make your hair smooth. Our Revitalizing Balm from LLB brand (art. 35577089) contains collagen, elastin, keratin and soy proteins that coat each hair and create a protective film to retain moisture.

Use a lightweight silicone heat protector before drying to prevent exposure to hot air and keep your hair from drying out.

And the most important rule: «DO NOT SLEEP WITH WET HAIR!». Under the influence of moisture, the strands become brittle and easily break from friction on the pillow.


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