Winter is coming, and if you haven’t bought your child a warm down jacket yet, now is the time. We want to tell you about Canada Goose down jackets, in which the child enjoys going through more than one season and, of course, will not freeze in our cold and snowy winter.

What age are they for?

Canada Goose down jackets are designed for children 4-5 years old, whose height is from 104 to 110 cm, but this does not mean that older children cannot wear this outerwear. Teenagers from 160 to 169 cm tall are also suitable for these models of down jackets.

What is special about Canada Goose down jackets?

Often parents worry that the expensive clothes they bought for their child will quickly become small for him. Canada Goose designers thought of this moment and created special extension sleevethat grows with the child. Thus, the kid will be able to wear a jacket for more than one season, and parents will get rid of the problem of buying a new thing every season and save money.

To make the down jacket especially warm and soft, sleeves and collar lined with fleece. This material retains heat, does not absorb moisture and dries quickly. Therefore, do not worry if the baby sweats during active outdoor games.

Jacket folds into backpack, which is made in the form of a large pocket on a down jacket. For example, if a child enters a warm room, it is easy to fold the down jacket into a pocket and put a backpack on his back. Another way to use a down jacket is as a pillow in a car or other form of transport.

Why are Canada Goose down jackets so warm?

The most important thing in a down jacket is the down with which it is filled. Canada Goose down jackets use only duck down, which is softer and does not contain coarse goose down. Due to this duck down product is lighter and warmer. And this is very important, because children are very active and they don’t need extra weight in the form of a down jacket. In a light down jacket, it is more convenient to run, play snowballs or ride an ice slide.

Another important point to consider when choosing a down jacket is the FP indicator. What it is? FP (Fill Power) is a quality unit of a down and feather product, which determines the ability of down to restore its volume after compression. The higher these numbers, the higher the quality of the down and the warmer the down jacket with a small amount of down. Canada Goose down jackets have an FP value of 675, which means that the product uses down of excellent quality and the down jacket will warm even at temperatures of -25 ° C.

Any winter will not be terrible for you or your child with down jackets from the Canada Goose brand! It remains only to go for a walk for your pleasure.


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