One of the most ancient beauty treatments is a relaxing bath. Baths were especially popular with the ancient Romans, Cleopatra basked in a milk bath, and Archimedes made one of his most important discoveries in the bath. And after many centuries, the thermal tradition retains its popularity, and this is not surprising, because the positive effect of taking a bath on the body has been proven by multiple studies. So why exactly is it useful to take salt baths?

For skin

Improve skin condition. Evening tone, getting rid of cellulite, nourishing tissues with various minerals, disinfection — all this is not an empty phrase when it comes to the benefits of taking baths with sea salt. After them, the skin looks fresh, tender and radiant, becomes more elastic and supple.

For hair and nails

Minerals are also needed for hair, which after the bath will be obedient, lively and shiny. Due to the increased blood circulation in the scalp, the hair follicles receive more nutrients, which means that the hair falls out less and grows faster. The same applies to nails that stop peeling and breaking. To strengthen them, you can arrange special baths at the rate of 50–100 g of salt per 10 liters of water.

For muscles and joints

Quickly bounce back after hard physical work or training, relax muscles, restore strength after physical exertion. Use the bath as a rehab after muscle, bone, and tendon injuries. Salt baths are an indispensable element in the treatment of diseases of the joints and spine: arthritis, polyarthritis, osteochondrosis, spondylosis. Healing components, acting on the area of ​​inflammation, relieve pain and improve the condition of the synovial fluid.

For the cardiovascular system

If you have a healthy heart and blood vessels, the procedure will help keep them in good condition. Minerals strengthen the walls of blood vessels, increase their elasticity and train by activating blood circulation. According to the doctor’s recommendations, you can take a bath with salt for pathologies of the cardiovascular system, for example, for atherosclerosis and dystonia. The procedure will also help slow down the development of varicose veins at the initial stage, improve vascular tone and remove small spider veins on the legs.

For the nervous system

If your sleep is disturbed, you suffer from migraines, stress and emotional stress, take a course of baths with salt from the ECO cosmetics brand MolkaMolka. It will help calm your nerves and get through a difficult period. Salt baths are indicated for neurosis, neurasthenia, dystonia, neuropathy, radiculitis, plexitis. They are actively used even for the rehabilitation of patients after a stroke. Salt water stimulates nerve receptors, starts the process of production of biologically active substances in cells. For other organs and systems of the bodyDoctors recommend salt baths: — For the prevention of a quick cure for colds, but only if you do not have a high temperature. But with a runny nose and cough, the procedure will help to cope faster. — For pain in the pelvis in women. The pain syndrome decreases, the hormonal background is restored, the tissues regenerate well. — With obesity. Baths normalize metabolism, accelerate fat burning and remove toxins. In salt water, it is easier to perform simple physical exercises, which is necessary for the initial strengthening of the muscles. In general, there is one benefit from salt baths! Mineral baths are one of the main components of spa treatment and spa holidays. However, you can easily organize this procedure at home, you just need to take a bath and pour salt from the MolkaMolka brand with organic oils into it. Choose your aroma: grapefruit or eucalyptus and go to relax as soon as possible.


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