What is lotto and why is it good for children’s development

Lotto with pictures is a box containing 7 multi-colored cards and 42 wooden chips placed in a bag. All of them are made of high-quality certified materials and painted in bright, saturated colors. Lotto can be played by 1 to 8 players at the same time.

Children’s loto with pictures will please children of different ages, starting from three years. Such an educational toy will captivate the baby for several hours, providing many options for fun and creativity. After the game, all the elements are neatly folded into a box or bag (which are included) and do not take up much space in the room.

The wooden parts of the toy are painted in beautiful, bright colors that encourage the baby to play. Along the way, he learns patience, accuracy and develops creativity. All elements of the toy are absolutely safe for small users. Lotto can be great fun for kids of all ages. It is suitable for both boys and girls.

The game develops children’s imagination, teaches logical thinking and object recognition, and also helps to practice fine motor skills. Such entertainment guarantees hours of fun and joyful creative work, especially since the price offered for the product is very attractive. These toys never go out of style, they are durable and will serve as good family entertainment for years to come.

The use of children’s lotto for family entertainment can instill in children a craving for education from an early age, which will then be associated with pleasant sensations. And this will certainly affect the first experience of working with the school.

With the right educational toy, you will develop the habit of learning in children and show them that learning does not have to be boring and burdensome.

You can place an order without leaving your home, and you can receive the goods at any convenient time.

Variants of the rules of the game in Lotto

The essence of the game is to match the chips with the pictures on the card. Such a task can take the form of a small competition (who will be the first to put all the pictures on their card?) Or simply become a fun pastime option for one child. Playing with the whole family, you can look at cards and describe images, make up stories, study colors or combine images on chips into logical groups. Communication in a playful way will bring the family together and keep the contact of parents with children.

Classic lotto version (with host)

This game can be played by 8 people. Seven of them put one of the available cards in front of them, and the eighth participant becomes the leader. If there are fewer participants, you can take two cards, or put the extra ones in the box.

The leader takes out one chip from the bag and names the image from it. The rest of the players check their cards. Whoever has the same image as the one named, he takes the chip and places it on the corresponding place of his card. The player who first completely fills all 6 pictures wins this game.

Educational version of the loto (with a leader)

In this version, the number of players is not limited.

Only chips are used for the game. the host does not name the image that he took out of the bag, but describes it, for example:
“My animal lives in the forest. He has brown fur. It prefers to eat grass…»
“With my mode of transport you can fly to the stars…”

The rest of the players try to guess the animal. Whoever has the image on the card matches the guessed animal, he takes the chip and places it on the corresponding
picture. The player who first completely closes the card wins this game.

Command version

In this variant, each player has one base card (or several base cards) in front of him. Chips with pictures are laid out face down on the table. Players take turns opening one chip and comparing the image with the motifs on the base card(s) — if the image matches, the chip is placed on this card. In the event that the picture does not match any of the images on the card, it is placed back on the table. In this version of the game, the winner is the one who first completely closes the pictures on his card. Participants who use this version of the game can be an independent game unit and are responsible for themselves, or split into two teams. In the second case, the individual result of the player does not matter, but the group indicator is evaluated.

make up stories

Players receive a basic card with images or choose one themselves. After that, each of the participants must come up with a story that will involve all the animals on his card. The task can be a little more complicated if one of the prerequisites is that the characters must appear in the story in a certain order, for example, as they are shown on the card from left to right, starting from the first row.

Alternatively, one can deal out or allow the player to choose the number of picture cards whose motifs can appear in the story.


The host of the game chooses several picture tiles, for example, four tiles with images of animals living in water and one chip with the image of a forest animal. The player or group answers the question: “Which animal stands out from the general row? Why?». This creates opportunities for communication, which can then develop into inventing a fairy tale or telling real stories by the participants from their own experience (working with biographies).

All of the above options for playing lotto with pictures have a positive effect on the mental development of children, develop the speed of orientation, stimulate creativity, expand and consolidate knowledge in various fields, and develop the ability to navigate in the world around them. Using such games, you can make the learning process more interesting, children will be much more willing to work and thus achieve better results.

What skills does Lotto with pictures develop in a child?

Wooden toys are an assortment that has been very popular with children and parents for many generations. They are in demand not only for their durability, but also for their originality and versatility.

Entertainment made of wood can captivate children of any age. Children’s lotto with pictures «Animals» is a didactic toy that is aimed at solving various problems and achieving winnings. Not only is it great for preschoolers and primary school kids, but it’s also a great incentive for adults to spend more time with their kids. You can use this entertainment in a relaxed home environment or take it with you when planning outdoor recreation.

By actively studying and adding pictures, the child will be able to develop fine motor skills and logical thinking along the way, as well as learn about the environment in a relaxed way. This wooden set will captivate any child with its colorfulness.

Educational games are of great importance in the educational process in connection with the development of activity, independence and creativity in children. Animal Lotto combines different ways of experiencing reality through listening, viewing, acting and experiencing. All this encourages the child to think. Such a game has therapeutic and educational value. It teaches respect for generally accepted norms, discipline, promotes socialization and accustoms children to both victories and defeats. The preschooler understands that playing in a team requires the adoption of some general rules that cannot be changed during the game just because it will be more convenient for one of the players. This is of great importance for the social development of the child, teaches to observe the rules and norms of coexistence.

The content, course and rules of the game, which are binding on all participants, evoke similar mental experiences between the parties, which unites the group, influences the formation of various bonds, awakens and enhances a sense of solidarity.

Participation in the game becomes an incentive to overcome shyness and self-doubt. The desire to succeed in the game activates your child, helps him emotionally engage. It should be emphasized that the most important is the type of activation that stimulates the child to think independently. In a game, the one who plays better, who uses less trial and error, and who is more able to predict the outcome of his moves, has more chances. Foresight allows you to avoid mistakes and eliminate unnecessary steps that are a waste of time. As the child grows, the influence of the rational factor becomes more pronounced, and guesses and chaotic actions gradually disappear. Trying to find the right strategy is the first step towards a logical conclusion.

Wooden educational didactic animal lotto toy helps children develop imagination, logical thinking, motor skills and patience. With its help, the child will learn to distinguish shapes, colors, learn about the diversity of the animal world, get acquainted with letters and transport, and thus will actively develop. With multiple variations of lotto games, kids can expand their vocabulary, train their hand-eye coordination, and develop their observational skills.

Such a smart toy will allow the kid to independently invent stories, include thinking and logic. This activity is exciting and uplifting.

Children’s loto with pictures «Animals» helps the child to learn and develop through the game. First of all, it:

— develops imagination, teaches logical thinking and patience;
— reveals the creativity of the child;
— teaches to reason about cause-and-effect relationships;
— develops memory and fine motor skills.

In addition, the recognition and combination of images, according to the rules of the game, help develop the baby’s patience, perseverance and the ability to systematize processes. This is the perfect way to awaken a child’s interest in various sciences. Playing loto with animal pictures is pure pleasure.


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