Every indoor plant lover knows that houseplants are not only beautiful, but also whimsical, and some even require special attention. It is for such pets that there are Lucky Friday pots with a double component and root automatic watering. What are their advantages and why they are needed, we will describe below.

The main task of the pot is, first of all, comfortable conditions for indoor plants and saving your time.

With such a set of pots, you can safely go to the sea, cottage, hike and not worry about your plants, without asking anyone to look after them. After all thanks to the automatic root watering function, your plants will not be left without attention and care. If your plants live in the country, you do not have to constantly water them with a watering can and a hose. It’s better to spend this time relaxing, right? Also, your plants can stay in such pots for a long time, since they do not require frequent transplantation.

A drainage hole removes excess moisture from the soil. The Lucky Friday pot is suitable even for beginner flower growers who do not yet know all the subtleties in caring for plants. In them, you can safely grow not only ordinary flowers, but also very whimsical plants that require special care and attention. The humidity level will also always be normal.

As for the appearance, a set of pots will ideally fit into any interior of the apartment, office or country garden. Pots made of durable plastic can be used both indoors and outdoors, plastic is not afraid of sunlight. Thanks to the dense walls of peas, you can not be afraid for their contents. Your plants will always be protected. The compact size allows you to keep pots on the floor, on windowsills and on flower stands, which can be an interesting piece of furniture. In addition, the design of the pots itself, it is impossible not to note. If you bend the wings of butterflies, you get a 3D effect of fluttering butterflies.

Pots from Lucky Friday are a practical and indispensable thing in the field of floriculture. It is with them that your plants will always feel well-groomed and loved.

You can buy sets of pots with decorative butterflies at the link below by clicking on the product card.

In addition, we have single pots with fluttering butterflies for sale, which you can also purchase by clicking on the product card!


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