MARANG oversized tracksuit

The time to wear beautiful things, even if the uncomfortable ones are over. More and more people are choosing comfort in clothes. Why not put it all together!? A tracksuit is not a household item, but a wardrobe element in which you can appear on the street, in a cafe, office, go on a trip.

We have specially designed a set of hoodie and joggers for stylish and self-confident girls and women of all ages. Feel free, without limits, without restrictions. We succeeded. Why? We created the MARANG oversized women’s tracksuit for the requests that first appeared with us and our loved ones, bringing the model to perfection. Most importantly, our team wears what they produce.

material side

The three-thread weaving of the footer (Penier) makes the fabric durable, it does not shrink, does not stretch. No stretched knees! It’s all about naturalness, material density and aesthetics.

Tracksuit is suitable for cool summer evenings and demi-season. There is no “bouffant” in these sets, which makes it possible to wear it 365 days a year.

Turn on color!

Bright, juicy — coral and delicate — pink NEW COLLECTION. We rely on the most fashionable and surprisingly suitable colors for everyone. The pink tone is refreshing and gives a feeling of confident calmness, while the coral tone uplifts and attracts attention.

We look up

Hoodie with a deep hood and pockets, which comes with the MARANG women’s tracksuit, can be worn on its own and even as a sports dress. A separate basic thing. Pairs well with jeans, skirts, shorts. The oversized size makes it possible for a girl with any shape to feel bolder. Everything that needs to be hidden, and, oddly enough, everything that needs to be underlined. Design magic.

These pants are not for boredom

The second element of the costume is high waisted joggers. Everything is important in them … comfort is important, pockets so that they fit well and … so that the belt does not press. Checked. Smart elastic, designed for size 40-48. Will not leave marks on delicate skin. Welt deep pockets will find what to put in themselves. The tapered silhouette of the pants with cuffs at the bottom sits perfectly on any figure.

Benefits and why they will soon be yours

We tried our best.

Let’s summarize why you should buy a MARANG women’s tracksuit:

premium fabric;
unique cut — looks good on different figures, from XS to XL;
stylish exclusive casual clothes;
the colors of the trend of the season, which you definitely need to use;
comfort from the tactile touch of fabric to the skin, to freedom of movement.

You no longer need to think about what to wear for a walk with your baby to look fresh and be ready for long walks. Do not think about what to wear on the road during the long-awaited trip in any weather. Do not look for a suit for a morning run and going to a fitness club. Do not plan which kit to choose for hanging out with friends in the fresh air, outside the city. Just be yourself, natural and stylish in a tracksuit from MARANG!


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