When choosing summer clothes for a girl, one of the first on the list will be a cotton dress. Why?

1. Did you know that cotton items are a poor conductor of heat?

The main mechanism of heat transfer is conduction.
Cotton consists of short, thin and fluffy fibers, the physical contact between which is quite small, and the main space between them is occupied by air, which in turn has a very low thermal conductivity coefficient. As a result, the total thermal conductivity of cotton is quite low. Cotton clothing does not retain moisture and sweat, making it ideal for the summer months. The air circulates and keeps you cool. And if you sweat, the cotton absorbs it rather than keeping it on the skin.

2. Natural and hypoallergenic

Cotton products are of natural origin. It is not for nothing that cotton home textiles, such as towels, bedding sets, etc., are so valued. So cotton clothing is light, delicate and natural, so it is unlikely that it will cause irritation. Cotton also has no artificial chemicals.

3. Environmental friendliness.

Cotton is a natural fabric and therefore biodegradable. This means that 100% cotton clothing is an environmentally friendly product! It is a renewable resource that can be replenished naturally.

4. Wear resistance and strength

Cotton products can serve for more than one year, because. cotton does not require special care. Doesn’t need to be dry washed or professional washed. It withstands constant wear at school, at work or just for a walk.

These are the main reasons for choosing cotton clothing. It can be added that cotton products are quite budgetary, the fabric is not electrolyzed, and has special comfort. Does not require serious maintenance. The clothes are attractive, eco-friendly and biodegradable. Cotton items are very affordable and can be found in any store.


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