If you face the problem of puffy eyes in the morning, like to drink a lot of water at night, you are tired of bruising under the eyes, or you just love good and high-quality skin care cosmetics, then you should definitely pay attention to our patches from the VOIS brand.

These are hydrogel patches with gold particles, which entered the market not so long ago, but are already beginning to enjoy their popularity among girls, mothers, grandmothers, wives and even guys. They have a moisturizing and rejuvenating effect on the skin, which you will begin to notice after the first application. Thanks to high-quality and natural products in the composition, the patches have the effect of smoothing wrinkles and tightening the skin. You will definitely freshen up your look and eliminate signs of fatigue if you have had a hard day.

When creating patches, we paid special attention to their composition, because it is important for us that they be of high quality and useful. That is why the patches contain components such as: gold particles, which intensively restore the skin, promote its rejuvenation, eliminate puffiness, give the skin a healthy glow; hyaluronic acid, which maintains optimal skin hydrobalance, increases elasticity, smoothes mimic wrinkles, accelerates cell regeneration; collagen — effectively moisturizes, has a lifting effect, gives the skin elasticity, evens out the microrelief, slows down the aging process; chrysanthemum extract — gently relieves irritation and soothes, tones the skin and supplies it with nutrients, contains natural ultraviolet filters; oat extract — has a calming effect, nourishes, moisturizes and protects the skin from the adverse effects of the environment.

Our collagen patches have a huge advantage over competitors in the cosmetic market. The kit includes a jar, 80 pieces of patches, which is 20 pieces more than most manufacturers, a spoon, tweezers and a pleasant surprise inside, they are suitable for any skin type, do not slip during use, do not dry or irritate the skin, have an excellent compound.

Eye patches do a great job of refreshing your skin before an important event and are also perfect for the morning ritual. That is why patches are a great birthday present, on March 8, and also on February 23. You can pack them in a gift box for February 14 or New Year for your soulmate.

Our patches are based not only on high-quality and natural ingredients, but also on love, because VOIS is about taking care of your beauty.


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