What is jacquard?

Jacquard is not a material, as many are mistaken. This is just a way of weaving threads, thanks to which the fabric is durable, with a three-dimensional pattern. Today we will understand why jacquard curtains have become so popular in recent years. Consider fashionable options for curtains and give recommendations on their selection.

What fabric is jacquard made of?

Jacquard texture can be seen on different fabrics. Linen, cotton, organza, and even silk have been used since the 19th century for embossed designs. Each thread of a natural fabric is dyed in the desired color, and then intertwined with others. It is easy to guess that such products cost a lot of money, and require special care when used. As an alternative to natural fibers, synthetic fibers are used, which are cheaper and more practical. For sewing curtains with a jacquard pattern, polyester is especially suitable — a lightweight synthetic material that is resistant to dirt and creasing.

Why choose jacquard curtains for the nursery?

There are several reasons. Firstly, jacquard weaving is an element of luxury. Children deserve all the best and beautiful things. For example, soft soft with a neat embossed pattern will make every touch of the curtain unforgettable.

Secondly, jacquard is practical. The denser the fabric, the more resistant it is to wrinkling and damage. In addition, the jacquard pattern is made not with paint, but with a thread. It does not fade with time and does not fade in the sun. And the blackout fabric will also close the bedroom from bright light, protect the baby’s sleep.

Thirdly, such curtains are very difficult to get dirty. Even a little robber will have to work hard to hang a stain on a jacquard texture. If pollution still appears, then we will tell you how to remove it. There are simple rules for caring for jacquard.

How to care for jacquard curtains?

Very simple. If you purchased polyester curtains, forget about special washing modes, special care products, and so on. Such curtains do not collect dust, it is enough to comb them with a brush once a week.

In the assortment of the Mesmer store you will find jacquard curtains made of modern practical material. When ordering curtains from us, you are guaranteed to receive a high-quality and beautiful product.


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