Stud earrings are very popular nowadays. What are pusets? These are earrings that are associated with impeccable taste and true femininity. Such jewelry will help to complement the image of a daring or noble and impregnable, romantic girl.

What advantages can we attribute to such incredibly comfortable earrings?

1. Comfortable earrings, almost imperceptible in the ear, do not cling to the hair;

2. Lightweight, won’t stretch ear piercing;

3. Puset lock is the most reliable for outdoor activities and sports;

4. Stylish diamond earrings will easily become a family heirloom, they never go out of style and retain their value for many years;

5. You can wear stud earrings at any age — whether you are still just a girl or already an older lady. The main thing is to choose the right decoration depending on the style and the specific situation.


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