There are many types of elastic bands, loops and expanders. One of the most common are tubular expanders — they can be both in a protective sleeve and without it, that is, «naked». The first option is presented in our catalog, but you will not find the second one here, and here’s why: without a protective cover, the latex tube becomes vulnerable to damage and, therefore, is not as reliable as it could be. At the end of its service life, it can break sharply and injure the person who uses it. Tube bands are great for full-body workouts, but without a protective surface, they can be harmful.

Universal expanders in cases

In total, there are three reasons why fitness elastic bands can crack or tear: wear, overvoltage and age. Elastic bands and expanders are erased from eternal friction, improper care and storage (for example, in direct sunlight). But all this can be avoided with a simple but ingenious solution — protective covers. Our premium tubular expander set is an improved version of the classic set with the exception of one important detail — all our expanders are in special protective sleeves that provide smooth tension and a high margin of safety. Thus, the latex tube is reliably protected from any damage.

No cracks or breaks

The expander with a protective sleeve ensures safety of use. Any elastic bands and latex tubes have their own stretch limits, and if you stretch them more than they are designed for, they can break. A special protective cover prevents this problem. This is due to the fact that the length of the sleeve is much shorter than the maximum stretch limit of the elastic band inside. Even if, after many years of using the expander, the tube inside suddenly breaks, it does not injure the person working with it. Lack of injury risk is one of the main quality points of tubular expanders with protective sleeves.

Long service life

Tubular expanders in protective covers not only ensure the safety of their use, but also have a longer service life than classic «naked» elastic bands. Latex tubes are protected from external influences: scratches, cuts and wear, which fitness bands usually undergo. Thus, you can not be afraid to face the problem of tearing the gum and continue to exercise for your pleasure and give all your best, training the muscles that you need. And with a tube expander, you can train your biceps, triceps, legs, chest, back, core, or even your neck. In addition, the protective sleeve covers the tubes from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun, which can harm the natural material.

In addition to this, as we already wrote, special covers save the tubes from overvoltage by not allowing the tubes to be stretched more than possible. This means that the expanders themselves serve much longer, because they retain their elasticity and integrity.

Invest in yourself

Unlike fixed iron and large exercise equipment in fitness clubs, expanders come out not only more profitable in price, but even more versatile in use!

The Pro Tubular Expander Set is first and foremost premium workmanship, from all workout grips to 100% latex material itself. This is a great alternative for gym owners, trainers and fitness enthusiasts looking for safe, strong and durable resistance bands.


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