It’s no secret that kids ask questions all the time. Little whys are interested in everything around! Why does a trolleybus need a mustache? Why can parrots talk like humans? Why does it get dark earlier in winter? How do planes fly? What is the job for? The questions that a child asks sometimes take adults by surprise, and more often even tire them. However, it is very important not to ignore the baby and try to formulate the answer in such a way that not only satisfies the child’s curiosity, but also leaves room for his imagination and independent thinking. This is where our series of books «Bookshelf of Why» will help you.

Meet by clothes

Clothes are as important in our lives as food. When we go out, we carefully select our wardrobe. It is very important for mom and grandmother that you put on warm clothes, and you, as a rule, want clothes that are comfortable, as well as bright and fashionable. Surprisingly, the problem of what to go out into the world has been since ancient times. Clothes changed, fabrics changed, but there was always a desire to show oneself dressed in beautiful clothes. It has long been known that they are greeted by clothes.

Dear reader, we invite you to an amazing adventure. On a time machine, we will move to different historical eras and find out how our clothes have changed. A needle and scissors will help us. They are ready. And you?

Incredible adventures in the microcosm

Do you know, our dear readers, how a swallowtail butterfly can change a person’s life? Yes, you have heard somewhere about the «butterfly effect». But in our book, she played a very different role. It was she who introduced young naturalists Kostya and Valya to a real professor-doctor of biological sciences, inventor Ivan Gerasimovich Barsukov. Just two hours before lunch, Kostya, Valya and Professor Barsukov made an extraordinary journey into the world of protozoa on a real Archaeus submarine! First, in an ordinary pool, and then in a river, they met an amoeba, a ciliate slipper, a pemphigus, and a night bug. And they were even attacked by anchovy fry. “Submarine in the pool? Baby attack? What nonsense are you writing? you ask us. Maybe that’s what it sounds like, but in fact, it’s enough to read the book to understand everything. And after… After you, you will never tear yourself away from the microscope! Trust us, we’ve been tested!

I want to be a doctor

Dear readers, do you like to go to the doctors? Not really? We’ll tell you a secret that so are we. And doctors are offended. They do not want to hurt us or give bitter medicines. They want us to be healthy and never get sick. Here, Marishka and Tanya, having come to their grandmother for the holidays, learned so many interesting things about doctors that they decided to become one themselves. We invite you to plunge into the history of medicine, find out what the Hippocratic oath is, who are sports doctors and what disease is called the “disease of the century”. And also a lot of other interesting things will tell you the grandmother of Marisha and Tanechka. Maybe you, after reading our book, say: «I will be a doctor.»

Green pharmacy

Dill, parsley, onion, garlic, pepper, raisins, vanilla are all green medicines. They not only make our food tastier, but also treat. And there are a lot of such drugs around! They surround us everywhere. Do not trust? Then you urgently need to read this book. Here you will discover the world of green doctors. And some of them will open up for you from a completely unexpected side.


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