Why should buggy jeans (balloons) be in your basic wardrobe?

Balloon jeans or buggies instantly fell in love with a huge number of women. This is a versatile everyday thing that allows you to profitably demonstrate your figure. It is one of the fundamental elements of the street style of the late 80s of the last century. These jeans can be found at TopDenim.

What do balloon jeans look like?

A distinctive black buggy is its baggy shape. This feature allows them to be a universal option for every day. The narrowing of the trousers can be observed closer to the bottom. Today, models with a curtained waist are very popular, which have not gone out of trend over the past few seasons.

Who are buggies made for?

TopDenim presents stylish buggy jeans that women of any size can afford to buy. They perfectly hide the obvious flaws of the figure and focus on its main advantages.
Wide legs perfectly hide problematic hips, and a high waist removes a protruding tummy. So the fair sex with similar imperfections should definitely pay attention to such a model.
Balloon jeans visually lengthen girls of short stature. The best effect can be achieved when combined with shoes with heels. But tall women should not ignore the fashion trend for baggy trousers.
It is noteworthy that a stylish element of the wardrobe will not lie idle in the closet, even if the girl loses weight. A special cut allows him to look good on both a full and slender figure. And in order for the trousers to sit well at the waist, it is enough to supplement them with a stylish strap.

What to wear with a trendy thing in 2021?

Baggy balloon jeans will be a key highlight of most everyday looks. They pair perfectly with the following:
1. A tucked-in plain or printed T-shirt.
2. Bulky sweater or pullover.
3. Cropped sweatshirt.
4. Crop top.
5. Loose trench.
6. Leather jacket.
7. Solid color turtleneck.

If an oversize item is chosen for the top, then it must be tucked into the belt, at least partially. This technique allows you to avoid the baggy of the whole image and favorably emphasize the waist. Thanks to this, the silhouette will become more feminine and neat.
Particular attention is recommended to be paid to the choice of shoes for balloon jeans. They are the main focus, as the trendy model, due to its length, opens the lower part of the ankles.
What shoes to wear with buggy jeans? In this situation, half boots and massive boots for autumn and winter will be good. In the warm season, sneakers, sneakers of any size, as well as shoes and sandals with heels will be an ideal option. Tall girls may well choose a flat sole for themselves.

Why buy TopDenim buggy jeans?

TopDenim presents a wide selection of modern jeans, with which it is easy to demonstrate your excellent sense of taste to others. One of the popular models are buggy jeans.

They have a lot of advantages that make them an excellent choice:
· 98% high quality cotton on trend. The material characterizes not only strength and durability, but also absolute safety. It retains its original color and shape well even with daily wear. Cotton is supplemented with elastane, which gives the thing the required elasticity.
· A wide range of sizes is offered, ranging from 25 to 33. So, a fashionista with almost any figure will find her ideal buggy jeans here.
· Available in four classic colours. It is navy blue, blue, gray and black.
The buggy allows you to freely move your body without a single hint of constraint. The side seams do not cause any discomfort, as the model has a baggy shape, which means that it does not provide for close contact with the skin.
· The item is completed with patch pockets, a zipper and a stylish button. Other decorative elements are absent, due to which it is possible to avoid overloading the overall image.
Frequent washing does not harm balloon jeans, but only if the rules for caring for them are followed. It is recommended to choose a gentle mode and water heating up to 30 degrees.


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