You can find everything on Wildberry — even magic candles! Some of us are skeptical about them, some are serious — with an understanding of the matter.
Let’s figure it out.

Candles are understandable — you light them — they burn, cozy, beautiful, romantic. And here is the magic?

Four elements combined in a candle:
The earth is the body of the candle.
Fire is her flame.
Water is melted wax.
Air is smoke
Needless to say — that many magical rituals are based on contact with the elements. The candle has absorbed all 4 — this is an extremely powerful tool. We are all used to seeing all kinds of candles in stores — are they also magical?

Unfortunately, almost 100% of candles in offline retail stores are paraffin. (Try the next trip to the store to read the composition of the candles presented in the assortment) Paraffin is a material of petroleum origin, which has an external resemblance to wax. Unfortunately, such candles cannot be called natural. I want to warn against the use of such candles in small enclosed spaces (for example, a bathroom), it can be dangerous to health — since paraffin releases harmful substances when burned.

But thanks to online stores — you can find real wax candles, beeswax is obtained by melting directly from bee honeycombs — such a product releases useful substances when burned — purifying the air and killing microbes. The naturalness of such a candle — significantly affects the quality of the candles.

It turns out that all natural candles are magical? Yes and no. Color also plays a big role here. Color is one of the most powerful sources of energy that affects us from the outside, constantly, imperceptibly and inexorably. Marketers, by the way, are well aware of this — therefore, most often, promotions and price tags for the goods they need come in certain colors. Color coloring is also used by lawyers, banks and other «serious» institutions.

What is the magic of color, we list the main ones:

Red is the color of the first chakra, Muladhara, in all nations and at all times it was, is and will remain one of the special colors — in magic, the red color, due to its powerful energy, is used in all kinds of love rituals, a vivid example — Article: 15756765

Black is the sacred light of many nations, with powerful energy that literally absorbs negativity — an excellent color for candles to protect against any kind of negativity, and protection is a vivid example of such candles — Article: 18074231 and Article: 17319544, as well as powerful 13 cm candles for more professional practices 29349583 and 9382100

Green — at all times — green — the color of money, its different shades are responsible for different areas, with the regular use of green candles, you can get a lot — from banal — gifts, salary increases, to large projects, checks, contracts.
There is a very correct green set under the article — Article: 28550349 — where the first one burns of course black, and then green. And for those who have black people always in stock (a very wise decision, by the way, even close and dear people leave us negative, not to mention those who work with people in the service sector, for example) there is such a set Article: 28026030.

I’ll tell you about the rest of the colors in the next post, but now let’s think — is it all natural wax candles — the right color — magical? Again no.

At the very beginning of the article, we talked about the energies of the elements — and so the energy of the master is also very important — if the candles came from the hands of the right master, they are really magical. We invite you to wander through the page of the Candle Magic brand and choose just such candles for yourself.

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