Bed linen is what our skin comes into contact with for many hours. The quality of our sleep is directly related to the comfort that the chosen bed set can provide us with.

A premium satin bedding set will give you a real pleasure from sleep. Imagine how a natural cotton fabric, smooth and shiny like silk on the outside and matte and delicate on the wrong side, gently envelops you throughout the night.
We also made sure that not a single detail disturbs your dreams. All seams are stitched and processed in such a way as to remain unnoticed by you. You will feel the pleasant touch of premium satin fibers, but not the seams.
The hidden zipper on the duvet cover does not spoil the aesthetics of the linen and securely fixes the details of the set on the duvet.

Satin is a fabric with a special weave called “satin”. This type of weaving is characterized by a certain number of threads used for warp and weft. For satin from cotton or silk, threads of a strictly defined number are spun. The front side of this fabric has a smooth shiny surface. Natural satin is a rather dense and durable fabric, it is tear-resistant, does not rub and can withstand 250-300 washes without losing its characteristics. It is due to its qualities that satin is widely used for decor and for bed linen.

Since natural satin is a delicate material, it is best to wash it without the use of bleaching powders at a temperature of up to 40 ° C. When washing, it is best not to add extraneous items to the machine, but to limit yourself to a set of linen only. It is especially not recommended to add synthetic fabrics to the drum. It is not necessary to iron satin linen, this material practically does not wrinkle, does not shed or shrink, and after washing it retains its original appearance. To dry, satin underwear is best hung up, so it will remain smooth and ready to use quickly.


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