Recently, the practice of standing and walking on nails has become increasingly popular. However, opinions about the benefits of such a practice are varied. Some believe that it is harmful, others — on the contrary, that standing on nails is very useful for the body of the spirit. Let’s tell you how things really are.

Simple practice but great benefits

The practice of standing on nails appeared far from now. Even in ancient times, many used this method of healing for their body. Now this method has come down to us. Nailing is actively used in various fields. Practice can be found in medicine, when patients are advised to walk or lie down on sharp objects. Nailing is used in spiritual practices and meditations to strengthen one’s spirit. Including standing on nails is an ancient ritual. If it has reached our days, after hundreds of years, then this already says something, namely, about its great benefits. The benefits of nailing are obvious. With her help:

  • The work of internal organs is balanced;
  • The body heals;
  • Immunity is strengthened;
  • Willpower is trained;
  • There is an influx of energy throughout the body;
  • Helps to curb the mind and different thoughts;
  • Helps to control emotions and feelings.

It is these reasons and the benefits of nailing that have become the basis for the fact that recently this practice has been especially actively and massively applied. People buy special rugs and accessories with nails. They visit special meditation places where they stand on nails. Nailing is already gradually entering even regular gyms. The popularity of the practice is growing stronger and stronger. It is worth noting that standing on nails is completely safe. Special boards that are used for such practices are made in such a way as not to injure a person’s feet.

Sadha board — stand on nails even at home

Sadha board is a special device for nailing. It is an ordinary board on which durable nails are attached. The accessory is actively used wherever you want to stand on nails. It’s all about mobility. The board is small, easily fits even in a regular bag or backpack. You can take it with you to apply at any time in order to curb your energy and find peace with peace. The sadha board is suitable for both experienced people who have been actively standing on nails for a long time, and for beginners who are just starting to master the practice. The size of the board is small, so it is made under the feet. To start nailing, you need to put the sadhu board on a flat, hard surface. After that, stand with your feet on the nails. Next, you need to listen to your body. Gather your thoughts, remove everything unnecessary and superfluous from your head. Concentrate on your feelings and get real pleasure. Note that for beginners, a board with a nail pitch of 10 mm is perfect. In this case, it is best to give preference to models with galvanized nails. Such nails remain strong for a long time, even under constant load. Also consider options for boards made of natural wood. Such material will help to be closer to nature. The sadhka board is a versatile tool for a unique practice of nailing. Get energy and improve your health while standing on nails!


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