With the onset of warm days, children spend more and more time outside. Many parents with children leave for summer cottages, go hiking, travel to the south or to other countries, some are taken by caring grandparents to the village for the summer, and older children go on vacation to children’s health camps.

So much fun and enjoyment gives the children the summer time! It is during this wonderful time of the year that our children grow intensively and change a lot.

Why do children grow up so well in summer?

· The gentle sun gives the children a lot vitamin Dso necessary for growth. The sun also speeds up metabolism and increases the level of happiness hormones in the body.

· Thanks to the fresh air and warm weather in summer, babies get sick less, which means the body does not spend its precious energy to support immunity. All saved resources go to growth!

· Natural fruits, vegetables and berries, fresh village milk… Proper nutrition has always been the key to the full development of children.

· Both boys and girls enjoy spending time outdoors, playing outdoor games, rollerblading and scooters, swimming in rivers — physical activity also has a significant impact on the health of the child.

In order for a child to receive only pleasure and benefit from walking, he should wear only high-quality, properly selected, comfortable summer clothes.

Many parents prefer to purchase summer kits for their children.

This choice is due a number of advantages:

· All items from the set are well combined with each other — parents do not have to waste time to choose an outfit themselves from individual items.

· A ready-made set of clothes is cheaper than buying wardrobe items separately.

· The costume invented by the designer creates a complete image, accustoms to a sense of style and harmony.

Summer sets TM «Duckling»

When sewing summer clothes, the best knitwear is used, which is ideal for wearing in hot weather:

It has high hygroscopicity — the ability to change its humidity, taking into account environmental indicators. That is, such knitwear lets air through, and the body «breathes» even in the most intense heat.

Durable, easy to care for, tolerates frequent washing, which is especially important for summer walks — kids play in the sandbox, often fall, crawl and get dirty.

Hypoallergenic — in the summer, flowering of all kinds of plants and trees adds trouble to small allergies, but clothing made from natural knitwear will not cause pain in the form of itching and discomfort.

Soft, thin, light, delicate to the touch material gives a pleasant feeling when in contact with the body.

Sets of TM «Duckling» are sewn in a free cut so that it is convenient for children to move, run and play.

The details of the set are easy to combine with other wardrobe items. For example, pick up a colored T-shirt for a shift or put on the top of a set with a skirt or pants.

Beautiful colors and original design of the costume will help to form aesthetic taste and correct style in children.

Girls Sets:

A beautiful set of short shorts and a T-shirt is suitable for a girl to wear in the heat. The model is produced from dense, but light, well «breathing» courier fabric. To increase wear resistance, 5% lycra is added to the fabric — things are durable, withstand frequent wear and washing well. Delicate solid color of the T-shirt and bright print on the front harmonize perfectly with the dark color of the shorts.

· In a light suit, the baby will be comfortable both in the heat and in strong heat — the model is produced from a thin and breathable cooler. An interesting print, bright shorts, a pleasant color scheme of a T-shirt — in this set the girl will look very impressive and stylish.

· In a set of tunics and breeches, the girl will be comfortable running, riding a bike or scooter. The free-cut tunic is made entirely of soft and delicate coolers. The breeches are made of knitted fabric with the addition of lycra, thanks to which they “fit” well on the figure and do not slip off the body. The original pattern on the tunic, beautiful colors look catchy and fresh in summer.

On the pages of our catalog on Wildberries, you can also easily pick up and buy sets for boys.


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