Spring will come very soon, which means it’s time to take off your warm down jackets and jackets. Of course, the weather still dictates its own rules, but you want to be fashionable even in the off-season.

Girls around the world choose the cardigan as an essential element of their clothing because of its convenience and comfort to wear. You can unbutton your cardigan if it gets too hot outside, or zip it up if the cool spring breeze unexpectedly attacks you on a walk.

What is a cardigan?

A cardigan is a comfortable, and most importantly, a warm element of clothing that will impress any girl. The cardigan got its name thanks to its creator, who, by the way, was a man — according to legend, it was the English count named Cardinal who first created an elongated knitted button-down jacket as an addition to his formal uniform on cold spring days. In those days, many colleagues reacted to this option of warming with a grin, but after a while more and more representatives of the military sphere asked to make the same cardigan for them.

Currently, a cardigan is a separate item of clothing that girls choose not only because of the desire to stay warm in windy weather, but also emphasize their individuality with a special stylish cut or viscous yarn, and also focus on their figure or hair color, for example .

What does a modern cardigan look like?

Fashion has long gone ahead of the Count Cardigan, now a cardigan can be found in every color and taste. V-shaped neckline will perfectly emphasize your figure and elegantly beat your beautiful neck with any decoration. Due to its versatility, the cardigan can be combined with any item of clothing. You can combine a cardigan with any style and texture: even a leather skirt and heels will look harmonious with an interesting oversized element on top. If you want to go out for an evening walk in jeans and sneakers — a cardigan will also be a nice addition to your look. Looking for a suitable bow for a business meeting is not a question, a cardigan will fit perfectly into the image with strict pants and high-heeled shoes.

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