Street fashion in Korea is a combination of incongruous. Do not be surprised if you see a girl in a warm down jacket and flip flops in winter. This is fine. South Asians have an exceptional eye for fashion.

3 features that distinguish the South Korean style from the European one:

  • cute things

The Koreans borrowed the cult of «mercy» (cuteness) from the Japanese direction «kawaii» (translated as «charming» or «cute»). The subculture entered Korean fashion and was reflected in the form of images — prints with cute animals and cartoon / anime characters, soft furnishings, pastel palette, «children’s» accessories.

Ultimate comfort.

Comfort anytime, anywhere. This is just about the love of flip flops, slates and slippers in the cold season. Although the season is not so important. You will see the same picture in summer, spring and autumn. And as strange as it may seem to you, Koreans are so comfortable. Asian brands adapted to such outrageous habits. And they produce such indoor shoes in which it is comfortable under the roof and it is not a shame to go out into the street.

Bold designs.

Koreans love to express themselves through clothing. Therefore, street fashion does not condemn the love of strange things from the category of «this is too much.»

Try the adapted Korean style for yourself.

House fluffy slippers with «Shiba Inu» print. In them, your feet will be warm and cozy without the effect of spraying. The sole is lightweight, does not absorb moisture and does not slip on wet surfaces.

Or classy rubber slides in a cute heart print. Use them as indoor shoes or take them to the pool, to the sea, to the gym.