For all parents, children are the greatest value on Earth. They want to be surrounded not only with attention and care, but also with the best toys and clothes. What a disappointment comes after the purchase does not meet expectations … It would seem that everything fits perfectly, they bought high-quality socks, but they slip and spoil the whole look. And they constantly have to be pulled up or searched later around the apartment. Why is this happening and do all parents face such a problem?

Basically, such situations occur in very active children: the child crawls, runs, jumps, socks rub against the carpet, floor, furniture and gradually begin to slide. In most cases, children simply take them off themselves. Parents blame manufacturers for this problem, believing that they purchased low-quality goods. Sometimes they are right. Therefore, before buying, you should always carefully study the composition — synthetic fibers should not be more than 20%. The more synthetics, the worse the socks stay on the leg.

Another reason for slipping socks is improper washing or drying. If the rules of care are violated, socks can sit on several sizes (especially if they are made from natural cotton).

Look at the behavior of the child. Sometimes socks cause discomfort, and the child tries to get rid of them all the time. Try wearing different socks, or maybe the baby is just too hot.

Why don’t manufacturers just make the elastic tighter? The answer is obvious. Baby’s skin is very delicate, a tight elastic band can cause irritation. In addition, it pinches the blood flow, which harms the health of the baby.

So, why do some socks slip and others don’t? If your child is especially active, there is nothing you can do until a certain age. During games, the baby’s body comes into contact with various surfaces and objects, because of this friction, clothes slip (not just socks).

Does the height of the socks affect slipping? No. If your child manages to take off the regular ones, then the tall and short ones will come off just as easily. Some parents put on socks under tights — in this case, they certainly will not slip, and the child will not be able to take them off.

Let’s summarize. Buy high-quality socks, as we wrote above: there should be at least 80% natural fibers, elastane must be present in the composition, it is thanks to this artificial fiber that the socks stay on the legs of your kids. But remember that excess elastane is harmful. Carefully read the rules of care and follow them, this will reduce the slipping of socks to a minimum. And, of course, be patient — when the child grows up a little, this problem will disappear by itself. Happy shopping!


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