So why, in the prime of life, do people wedge and bend in half? A pinched nerve is the answer. But what to do if a nerve is pinched? 1.4 billion adults on the planet lead a sedentary lifestyle — disappointing WHO statistics. Civilization has solved some problems, but created others: one in four men and one in three women experience a lack of physical activity due to sedentary work, daily traffic jams, standing in transport, queues in stores, clinics … Posture is disturbed, muscles experience hypertonicity and constant back pain appears. 60–100% of people suffering from chronic back pain experience depression. Back pain is the most common “inability to work ” among people under 45 both in Russia and in Europe. A Russian person has been taught to endure since childhood. This means that his path through the pain lies in the pharmacy for a pepper patch, painkillers, ointment, a dog belt …. well, the very thing “I walk normally, well, I twisted it a little” … Life with pain and limited mobility is not normal, to you can’t get used to it. You need to find and fix the cause of the problem. The problem of pain was solved by Yuri Koryukalov, candidate of biological sciences, neurophysiologist, author of more than 50 scientific papers and publications. In 2008, together with Vitaly Denisenko and a team of neurologists and osteopaths, he created the Cordus & Sacrus technique.

92% of all back pain is caused by spasmodic paravertebral muscles, according to research [Yap E.C.,2007; Gerwin R., 2010].The authors of the technique relied on the solution of the cause of back pain. It is necessary to act on the spasmodic muscles of the spine.

The Cordus&Sacrus device smoothly immerses its anatomical peaks into the muscle under the influence of the person’s own weight. The body itself regulates the allowable pressure. The immersion depth is up to 28 mm — this is where the paravertebral muscles are located. The hands of the most experienced osteopathic massage therapist or other devices can only 1 cm. for several minutes, exactly! And Cordus can — for three minutes its tops press on tense, aching muscles along the spine.

Hence the uniqueness of the device. The muscle is “rebooted” by the nerve center: it relaxes, stretches, blood flow and mobility are restored in it. The result is fixed by the final exercises, which are described in the instructions for each device. then back, the effect of back treatment with devices is felt after 3-5 sessions. The duration of the effect is 3-6 months. The Cordus device costs from 4,990 rubles, Sacrus — from 4,690 rubles. And the set of devices costs even less — from 8,990 rubles. The course of classes with Cordus and Sacrus is 10-12 sessions every other day. before the new year, already by Christmas you can find a new back. No pain, that’s for sure.

The Cordus&Sacrus technique has already been patented in 48 countries of the world. The devices are officially registered by Roszdravnadzor as strictly medical devices, there is a certificate of conformity in Russia and the countries of the Customs Union. It is noteworthy that in December 2020, after 1.5 years of testing, the technique received medical certification in the European Union, almost no competitor has this.

The Cordus device is used for back pain, poor posture, works with a hernia, provides a comprehensive prevention of spinal diseases. The Cordus device has three recesses: for the cervical, thoracic and lumbar regions. The Sacrus was developed in addition to the Cordus at the request of the doctors. Sacrus can unload/isolate/relax the sacrum, diaphragmatic area, or base of the skull. Inside both models is a neodymium magnet to improve nerve conduction and activate capillary blood flow.

Before the sale, the company’s specialist conducts detailed consultations with buyers. If the slightest contraindications are found or the patient’s case is among those 4% when this technique is not effective, but, for example, surgery is required, the device will not be sold to the buyer. No system for treating spinal diseases will offer you to return it back. And Cordus and Sacrus can be returned within 30 days after purchase and, if there is no effect, you can get your money back.Thus, there are neither similar conditions in the world, nor complete analogues of the Cordus & Sacrus method in the treatment of back diseases.