In modern conditions, and even in a big city, maintaining the health of your hair is a difficult task. If the hairs break off or fall out, they need to be strengthened, otherwise the hair will thin out literally before our eyes. Treatment methods are different, but the first step is to find out why the hair behaves the way it does.

  1. Stress. In tense situations, the body directs vitamins and minerals to the needs of the nervous system, and the hair and skin are supplied according to the residual principle. Two to three months after stress, hair shafts will begin to fall out in large numbers.
  2. Wrong way of life. Smoking, alcohol, an unbalanced diet, lack of fresh air, sleep and physical activity make it difficult to nourish the hair root system, which inevitably leads to severe hair loss.
  3. Frequent coloring and curling. You should not be afraid of these procedures, but you should not get too carried away with them either. Frequent bleaching, like any deep chemical exposure, violates the integrity of the hair shaft.
  4. care mistakes. Getting loose strands at home is easy if you use pure oils or don’t listen to your hair’s needs. Even professional cosmetics are effective only if they are properly selected.
  5. Abuse of thermal styling. Neat curls, super volume from the roots is very beautiful. But regular exposure to ironing or curling iron damages the cuticle, and then the inner layer of the hair shaft, especially if you forget about thermal protection every now and then.
  6. hereditary factor. If one of your parents lost their hair at a certain age, then there is a high risk that this genetic mechanism will play a trick on you as well.
  7. Pregnancy or lactation. Hormonal surges can both speed up and slow down the life cycle of the hair. Usually, during pregnancy, the hair miraculously thickens, and after childbirth, it begins to rapidly leave the head. But do not worry ahead of time, very soon everything will return to the «pre-pregnant» state.

Important! These reasons lead to the weakening of the hair shaft and its fragility. Masks that strengthen hair along the length will help to cope with this!

Which is better, homemade masks or masks from the store?

On the one hand, at home we choose the freshest additives, but without special stabilizers, emulsifiers and pre-treatment, even the most environmentally friendly hair products are practically useless. In addition, reputable manufacturers work on the mask formula in laboratories equipped with the latest technology, not amateurs. They know which supplements will work and which ones will only interfere with each other!

For the modern pace of life, the ease of applying a mask is almost as important as its effectiveness. And here, store cosmetics win by a wide margin: you don’t need to mix or melt anything, and then wash the bath and dishes from the remnants of a homemade mask.

The Russian brand Compliment presents a wide range of beauty products, including excellent hair masks, which are very popular with customers due to a large number of advantages compared to analogues:

  1. Excellent composition. Products include valuable oils, vitamins and other caring additives for the health and beauty of curls.
  2. Amazing result. Already from the first application, the condition of the strands noticeably improves, which is confirmed by numerous reviews of satisfied customers.
  3. Affordable price. With a sufficiently large volume and excellent composition, the masks are quite inexpensive.
  4. Pleasant aromas. Each product has a unique aroma that can be enjoyed during the procedure.
  5. Ease of use. Each product is in a convenient plastic package. The lid fits snugly to the jar, preventing moisture from getting inside. The consistency of the products is creamy, thick, easily distributed through the hair and does not flow. After the procedure, they are easily washed off without leaving a sticky feeling.
  6. Economic consumption. Due to the rich structure and large volume of the product, one jar is enough for a very long time even with regular use.


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