The moon, in fact, could well fall to the Earth, or vice versa, «run away» from it, if it stood in one place, and did not revolve around our planet. Don’t believe? Let’s try this out in practice!

Please take an eraser or something similar to it and tie it to a thread, and then start spinning it. The elastic will try to break out of your hand, but the thread will not allow you to do this, the eraser will fly in a circle until you stop. But at this moment he will immediately fall down, hang on a thread.

This is exactly what happens to the Moon. Do you remember that the Moon is a satellite of the Earth? To prevent the Moon from flying away from us, the force of gravity of the Earth is involved. So that the Moon does not fall on you and me, another force comes to the rescue — centrifugal. It occurs when the moon revolves around our planet or when an eraser revolves around your hand.

The speed of the Moon is such that it is too small for a flight into space, only 1 km / s, and in order to fall to the Earth it is too high.

However, in fact, gradually the moon is still moving away from us. Very slowly, only 3 or 4 centimeters per year. All this is because our Sun has a force of attraction twice that of the Earth.

You may ask: why don’t the Earth and other planets fall on the Sun if it is so strong? That’s because the Earth, like other planets in the solar system, revolve around the sun. And the Sun spends all its powerful energy on keeping all these planets together with satellites in their orbit.