Role-playing is an important part of every child’s life. Children like to try on different roles — dress up in mother’s dresses, do mischievous makeup and clean up the kitchen. Exploring the world around you is very exciting, so create your own game world for your princess — buy a children’s kitchen with utensils and household appliances. This purchase has a number of advantages, which will be discussed today.

  • A variety of plots and roles. Today your baby is a chef who prepares culinary masterpieces. Tomorrow is a housewife who treats her family and guests with delicious dishes. The Day After Tomorrow — the mistress of the cafe, managing the business. The children’s kitchen allows children to imagine themselves in new roles and come up with exciting scenarios.
  • Playing with a child’s kitchen has many benefits, from improving cognitive abilities and problem-solving skills to increasing vocabulary.
  • In the children’s kitchen, the child feels like an adult and independent, because here everything is within his reach. He can cook, wash dishes, use household appliances and clean without adult supervision. Such games develop self-confidence and independence.
  • The kitchen is one of the few toys that completely captures the attention of the child, and therefore he enjoys the gameplay on his own. A wonderful gift for a girl is a set of dishes with products that will expand the functionality of a children’s kitchen.
  • Role-playing games in the children’s kitchen enrich the child’s creative abilities. Toddlers repeat familiar situations seen in movies or at home and come up with new ones.
  • The story game gives the child the opportunity for creative self-expression and the opportunity to tell their story. Children communicate with each other, change the intonation of the voice, parody various characters. All this improves their speech, improves the quality of communication, expands the vocabulary of the child. They also get acquainted with opposites: cold and hot, raw and boiled, etc.
  • Children love to organize their space. They can spend hours stacking dishes and cutlery, they like to arrange various jars, sort products by shape and color. This activity calms and develops fine motor skills.
  • Role-playing games encourage children to communicate with their peers, actively interact with them and negotiate. Also, kids learn to assign roles, share things, give in, compromise and work in a team.
  • During the game, children repeat familiar life situations from the life of a little hostess. The girls cook dinner and serve the table like a mother. Such a game enriches the knowledge of the world and instills respect for the work of others.
  • In the children’s kitchen, the girl comes across different objects — round, square, oval. You also need to be able to count the number of plates for cafe visitors and weigh the ingredients for dishes.

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