On the one hand, our life has become easier: there is no need to waste time on many everyday household items, becauseThere are hundreds of tools that help to do everything quickly and efficiently. In stores at any time of the year you can buy any vegetables and fruits, there are a lot of semi-finished products on the shelves, which also significantly save time.

On the other hand, every day we get a huge dose of toxins from the same vegetables, household chemicals, favorite shampoo or deodorant, from plain water. And how many toxins after a fresh repair? Yes, we began to live better, in some families there are two cars, but exhaust gases are becoming many times more. And we breathe this air every day.

Obviously, this can only be avoided if you go to live far away in the taiga, but who among us is ready to do this? So what to do? Recognize the fact that it is impossible to completely avoid the influence of toxins and help your body.

It has been scientifically proven that wise nature has instilled in each of us the ability to self-purify. And the human body does this all the time. But with age, its capabilities weaken under the influence of diseases, malnutrition, bad habits, stress and poor ecology.

If you sleep less than 8 hours, eat groceries from the supermarket, buy bread that is baked in the new GOST style from low-quality empty flour and add flavor enhancers, you are constantly working, you are under stress, you travel a lot by car, you live in the city, you eat fast food , simple carbohydrates prevail in your diet, you have bad habits, then you should not pull until the moment when it will be difficult to get rid of toxins and toxins.

Any disease is better to prevent than to cure! After all, going through a detox and putting your body in order is much easier and better than spending time and a lot of money on treating various diseases, which in most cases arise precisely because of slagging and as a result of improper functioning of organs and systems.

You should think about cleansing the body if:

  • you suffer from frequent headaches
  • you have a dull complexion and skin rashes
  • you don’t sleep well or can’t fall asleep for a long time
  • often feel tired and lethargic
  • you have digestive problems, poor appetite
  • excessive sweating
  • smell from the mouth

These reasons are already more than enough to go through a detox. These are the first calls that are important not to miss.

So what is a detox for? What results will you come after the cleansing course?

  • The body will get rid of toxins, bacteria, toxins

The lymph will clear, swelling will go away, there will be no “malodorous” sweat and bad breath.

Toxins enter the tissues and cells of any organs, can remain there for years and cause harm. They affect the metabolism, nervous system, cardiovascular system, immunity, poison the body and can provoke the development of cancer.

  • Digestion will return to normal

The gallbladder will improve, you will get rid of bloating, seething, constipation, the stool will become regular, daily. The intestines will begin to work correctly: absorb nutrients and excrete waste products.

  • Immunity will be strengthened

You will notice that during the cold season, during epidemics, your body will become more resistant to infections. And if it is not possible to avoid infection, then the disease will pass in a milder form. The body will begin to work in a balanced way, vitamins will be absorbed better.

  • Relieve symptoms of chronic diseases

It is easier for a clean organism to fight the disease, even if it has become chronic. During the course of the detox, you get used to drinking more water, which also helps to feel better. Allergic reactions become much less or disappear altogether. The pressure is normalized.

  • There will be more vitality

It will be easier for you to get up in the morning, you will become cheerful, you will feel lightness and a surge of strength. There will be more not only physical energy, but also mental.

  • Weight will decrease

The advantage of detox programs, but not the goal is weight loss. This happens due to the cleansing of the colon from feces, the removal of excess fluid, and the improvement of metabolism. During the course, appetite and cravings for sweets decrease, which also leads to weight loss.

  • The aging process will slow down

During a detox, you get rid of toxins that are contained in the body, including in the form of free radicals and heavy metals. They accelerate aging, which is noticeable externally and negatively affects the state of internal organs. But by improving the absorption of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and nutrients, youth is preserved and slows down the rate of cellular decay.

  • The quality of life will improve

When you sleep well, morning awakening becomes a joy, the intestines are regularly emptied every day, when the stomach does not hurt, the reflection in the mirror pleases, the energy overflows, you feel a surge of strength and are ready to move mountains, then every day of life brings joy. Relationships with family and friends improve. There is a desire to live.

Remember that when going through any cleansing course, it is IMPORTANT not to lose vitamins and minerals, which are not enough in a slagged body. But to start taking vitamin complexes during the course is also wrong. After all, detox is primarily a restriction.

We offer a comprehensive solution for detox at home, thanks to which you will not only cleanse the body of toxins, toxins, parasites, bacteria and fungi, but also saturate it with vitamins and minerals. Juices Orzu and Alatoo, a mixture of unrefined oils with milk thistle and herbal tea. All products are 100% natural, organic, and consist only of plant components grown on our own plantations. Without preservatives and fragrances. They do not contain chemical additives, so they have no side effects.