Unexpectedly, but true: the trend for high-waisted underpants has completely replaced understated models and is not going to lose momentum. In our view, it is firmly entrenched — high, which means «grandmothers». But make no mistake about it — high-waisted underwear can be quite stylish.

When should you wear high-rise briefs?

Contrary to common beliefs, not only ladies of Kustodiev forms choose inflated panties. It often happens the other way around when a slender girl cannot find a small size of high-rise panties. If you’re a tall panty fanatic or just want to try this option, then the following options can outshine all other models.

Why are high-rise briefs at the peak of lingerie fashion today?

There are several answers. This is because this model:

1. A great alternative to thongs: the choice falls on thongs due to the need to hide the panty line under a tight dress or trousers. And I must admit, thongs cope with the task with a bang. But what about women who do not like this model? The good news is that full-length high waist briefs fit their edges in the natural creases of the body. If they fit well, they disappear without a trace under clothes, no worse than thongs. We recommend wearing high panties not only under tight-fitting clothes. Almost any dress can show off the lines of your panties, especially if the fabric drapes in a particular way and doesn’t play well with your underwear.

2.Perfect with high-waisted pants: high-waisted briefs are an obvious choice to pair with high-waisted trousers or skirts. Matching a clothing line with an underwear line is a great opportunity to create smooth and consistent lines in your look, as well as avoid indecent adjustments throughout the day as you move.

3. Emphasizes the waist. If you still ignore the retro style, considering it anti-sexual, then you simply have not met the same model of panties. Well-fitting underpants repeat the natural curves of the female body — emphasize the waist, lift the buttocks, align the barrel. There is nothing more attractive than the natural figure of a woman.

4. Provides comfort and safety. If the first points can cause doubts, then you definitely cannot argue with the last. Many women find high-rise briefs to be hyper-comfortable, both mentally and physically. Panties with a high waist pick up the stomach, they do not cut into the sides, they are indispensable before, during and after pregnancy, like panties after cesarean and operations. Even in the gym without a high-rise panty is often difficult.

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