Autumn has come, and with it new problems have appeared. Under the influence of winds and cold, blood vessels constrict, the scalp does not receive the substances it needs. And our hair suffers from this deficiency. But this is just one of several causes of hair loss.

Let’s talk about the causes of hair loss and slow hair growth in more detail. There are several of them:

1. Anemia is considered to be one of the most common causes of hair loss. For them, latent anemia is fatal. By it we mean a condition in which the level of ferritin is lower than the number of your weight. Since the follicle receptors are extremely sensitive to ferritin, hair loss begins when it is low.

2. Thyroid problems such as hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, autoimmune diseases are considered to be common culprits for significant hair loss.

3. Insulin resistance also often causes androgenetic alopecia (hair thinning) and prolonged hair loss.

4. Violations in the digestive tract. Micro and macro nutrients are poorly absorbed with reduced acidity, insufficient fermentation, malabsorption, even if your menu is balanced. Unfortunately, not only hair suffers because of this — often other organs and systems also fail.

5. Lack of fat in the diet. Lipids from both animal and plant sources are important for maintaining healthy hair, nails, and skin. Moreover, animal fats are required for the synthesis of cholesterol — it is he who is the precursor of sex hormones. And as you know, one of the causes of hair loss is progesterone deficiency.

6. Pinched vessels in the cervical spine. At the same time, blood microcirculation worsens in the hair follicles, as a result of which metabolic processes are disturbed — a lack of nutrients and oxygen in the bulbs leads to the fact that the hair falls out and grows poorly.

7. Endless diets, no meat, will also cause hair loss.

8. In addition, past infectious and viral diseases affect hair loss, especially if the treatment was carried out with the use of antibiotics and hormonal drugs. In case of illness, the body sends all its forces to restore the affected organ and limits the supply of nutrients to the rudiments, which are our hair. In these cases, in order to “nourish” the onion, an increased blood flow is needed, which will bring all the nutrients and prevent it from dying.

The pepper extract in our mask and caffeine work well with this.

The mask, created on the basis of new technologies and forgotten recipes of our grandmothers, gives good results that have already helped hundreds of women with hair loss.

But do not forget that prolapse is a failure of the body and be sure to undergo examination and treatment by your doctor!

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