Hands are an indicator of age! It would seem that everything! Three words that perfectly describe and confirm the need for daily hand skin care.

Unfortunately, in pursuit of the radiance of the face, we often miss the relevance of sagging chin, sagging neck folds, age-related friability of the forearm … and if everything described above can be skillfully covered with stylishly selected clothes, then the hands will speak eloquently.

The skin of the hands experiences daily mechanical impacts of a domestic and professional nature, is affected by the environment and the aggressive effects of substances in contact with it ‍♀️

Hands tell everything! This is a book of your life with everyday work, beloved children, exciting hobbies and those years of life that keep warm memories. What will this book be like after 25? After 30 years? And at 50 … 70 … You decide!

ZAMOTIN MANUFACTURA gives you effective hand cosmetics that can maintain the water balance of the skin of the hands, nourish with active oils, relieve seasonal irritation and restore micro-injuries.

This line of cream-scrubs is absolutely natural in its composition and the most effective in action! Just one application in 1-2 days and you will start with seasonal peeling, irritation and constantly cracking fingers.

Give yourself the best! Choose the premium brand ZAMOTIN MANUFACTURA, it is so necessary for the grateful skin of the hands!


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