Now the word stress is familiar to most of the inhabitants of the planet, regardless of gender and age, in this regard, anti-stress therapy is relevant. Going in for sports is such a therapy, especially martial arts, they free you from negative thoughts and put your head in order. Not everyone is ready to devote themselves to long sparring and preparing for fights. Few people hang a pear at home, drill a ceiling and always observe a hanging boxing bag in their interior, on the contrary, it can add stress. It is on this basis that the outdoor punching bag is an ideal sports complex for home and summer cottages. At the moment of unexpected stress from a telephone conversation, negative news, screams of neighbors, annoying noise, he will kiss a pear well and beat it for 1-2 minutes, save 1,000,000 of your nerve cells. If stress haunts you all the time, then periodic exercises with a pear for 10-15 minutes will be a real salvation.

An adult can rarely cope with his emotions, positive or negative, and what can we say about children. In adolescence, most emotions take over and releasing those emotions is a must. A punching bag will help free a child’s head from a storm of emotions, although even without this, the punching bag will become a favorite educational children’s toy. In our time of technology, it is quite difficult to tear children away from gadgets and make them move, with a floor pear, you won’t have to force it, and all the guests of the young owner of the pear will have fun with it.

Something primal awakens in us during a stroke, it is a physical release of energy, not like “soft therapies” that relax us gradually. The blow is like a scream, as if we throw out all the bad things from ourselves with the help of the body, directed and uncompromisingly, getting an instant effect.

We evolve as humanity, and our fears evolve with us. 10 years ago, the mention of the word stress was hundreds of times lower. The generally accepted opinion is that this is from increasing the speed of life, but I am sure this is from the fact that we have forgotten how to properly use our body and use it only for quick pleasures. Of course, no one now refuses delicious food, films, TV shows and social media. networks, but we also have to give something to our body and sport is the best option. Start exercising in 1 minute a day!


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