The tattoo originated in the period of the primitive system. It was applied to the body not only as an ornament, but also as a mark of belonging to a tribe, clan.

It was also believed that the tattoo is sacred, protects a person from enemies and evil spirits.

Many years have passed since then, but the meaning of the tattoo has remained the same. Now people get tattoos for the same reasons: for beauty, as a talisman, as a variant of self-expression, a tattoo with a sacred meaning.

But in the modern world, everything began to change so quickly and rapidly, including the tastes and preferences of people. Many do not dare to fill themselves with a permanent tattoo, worrying that it may eventually get bored, go out of fashion or simply become irrelevant.

This is why temporary henna tattoos have become popular.

Also, clothes with a tattoo effect have gained great popularity. This principle is that a tattoo is applied to the bodily tissue that imitates the skin.

We have such a pattern applied to an elastic mesh. The mesh feels light and sheer, while the cotton lining allows the skin to breathe while hiding underwear.

Our fabric does not shed, does not fade in the sun and does not fade after washing. The color of the tattoo is bright and saturated.

That’s why tattoo effect bodysuits are so loved by our customers. This is a high-quality, beautiful and stylish thing that imitates a tattoo.

We will be glad to see you among our satisfied customers of the tattoo effect bodysuit from the Nataly Dorofeeva Brand brand!