Everyone is used to the fact that the mass market is the most affordable, as a rule, trendy things that we buy for a season or two and throw them away. Meanwhile, designer items are associated with high cost and inaccessibility. But what if we say that one brand can combine designer exclusivity, premium quality and affordability?

We are Sensual chic, an authentic Russian brand of exclusive clothing at a mass market price. We have our own production, and all products are developed by a group of designers, taking into account the main requests of girls who live an active life. The main feature of the development stage is that digital technologies are used to create collections. It may sound complicated and scary, but in fact, the system has a great good message. We love our planet very much and try our best to take care of it, so after creating products in the CLO-3 program, they can immediately go to production. Thus, a minimum of materials is spent, and accordingly, a minimum of waste is obtained.

Clothing from the mass market has never been a reason for pride, while prices for it are rising every day. And here the question arises: “Is it worth taking a shirt from the most famous chain stores at the price of a designer item?”. The answer is obvious — no. A designer thing is always a unique cut, the best materials and a small circulation, which means that there will be only a few owners of this or that clothing throughout the country.

Meanwhile, the fashion industry is one of the most polluting in our world. «Fast fashion» on a huge scale brings huge damage to the environment. So, for example, the cultivation of cotton led to the drying up of the Aral Sea in Kazakhstan. We do not see the danger right here and now, but it overtakes gradually. Therefore, care for the environment, which manifests itself even in such a trifle, it would seem, as conscious consumption and support for eco-friendly brands, helps the world in which we live.

We adopt experience from the giants of the fashion world and create our own unique product, adapted for you, a Russian girl who manages to take care of herself, her family, build a career and know how to have a good rest. We are located in Moscow, but we collect our sensual community throughout the country.

Tracksuits, dresses, shirts, turtlenecks and sundresses — we have created a capsule of the most necessary wardrobe items that perfectly match with each other.

Join our community and become a sensual girl! Order things to try on and make sure that quality can be at an affordable price, and even carry a policy of caring for the environment.)


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