With the birth of a child, every mother faces the question of choosing diapers for the baby. Perhaps, at first glance, this is not a problem, but for parents who have not yet encountered the choice of diapers, the issue is quite relevant.

Manufacturers offer a wide range of different models, sizes and types. Today we are going to look at moony diapers and diaper panties.

So, moony are Japanese diapers sold in Russia. In Japan, the moony brand has established itself among mothers as a manufacturer of quality diapers.
Today, moony is the top seller among the entire market in Japan.

Moreover, for several years now, moony has been winning the hearts of Russian mothers as well.

According to the majority of moony buyers, these diapers are incredibly soft and gentle on the baby’s skin, do not leave diaper rash, because the material has a low density that allows the skin to breathe. Velcro does not leave marks on the body, and most importantly, such diapers are reliable. Happy diaper wearers especially emphasize that with moony you don’t have to worry about leaking. You can go for a long walk with them, you can put them on your baby at night without the main anxiety of all mothers — the baby will definitely be comfortable and there will be no smudges.

Also, users note the absence of a sharp chemical smell from these diapers, which often repels them from buying similar ones again.
As far as size markings go, moony are full size diapers. No need to worry about the fact that the diapers do not fit and you threw money away. You definitely can’t go wrong here.

An additional advantage of the moony Japanese diapers is the indicator in the form of stripes, which can always warn you when the diaper is full or you can make sure that it is too early to change the diaper. And by the way, unlike other Japanese diapers, it is Moony that has a cutout for the navel.

The assortment of the brand includes not only diapers, but also diaper panties. The purpose is the same, the difference is only in the way of putting on.

Velcro diapers are preferable to wear babies, starting from the first months of life. It is convenient to change them when the child is lying, while treating the baby’s skin. They will also come in handy and calm «sliders».

For active children who are not so easy to lay down, it is better to purchase panties. They can be put on, as they say, «on the go.»

The ranges of diapers and diaper panties of the moony brand are quite wide. You can easily choose the right size and choose from several variations of the number of diapers in the package. In addition to single packs, moony offers very convenient mega diaper boxes at a bargain price. By purchasing such a mega box, you provide yourself with a good supply of diapers.


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