Gathered to the sea? We talk about what surprises a meeting with salty sea water can bring to the skin

Those who have rested on the sea at least once in their lives remember that unforgettable feeling when you sit at the very edge of the water, and the sea surf gently caresses your legs. Sea water has a beneficial effect not only on our inner world, but also has a serious effect on the outer integument — the skin.

Composition of sea water

Sea water differs from fresh water in the amount of minerals dissolved in it. It is their presence, together with the salts that make up its composition, that makes it special. Most of all, sea water contains oxygen — as much as 85%. In second place is hydrogen, and the third and fourth place is shared by the chemical elements chlorine, sodium and magnesium.

Why sea water is good

Everyone knows that sea water helps if you have a chronically blocked nose or if you have a weak throat. Rinsing the nose with salt water instantly facilitates breathing, so even a two-week stay on the sea coast can improve the health of the bronchopulmonary system. And sea water eliminates joint pain, improves blood circulation and even fights excess weight. But do not hope that the treatment can be continued at home: the properties of sea water usually last no more than 2, 3 days. So, alas, it will not be possible to take her by train to her relatives anywhere in the Urals or Siberia. And of course, you should not make attempts to be treated with sea water «from the inside.» Actually, it contains so little pure H2O that it takes about a liter of clean drinking water to remove salts from the body of 100 grams of sea water. So be prudent.

Sea water for skin

Due to its composition, sea water is an ideal remedy in terms of availability in the fight against skin diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, neurodermatitis, acne, etc. Salt sea water for the skin is an ideally cheap and affordable remedy for the skin. Salt water slightly dries the skin, eliminates inflammation and accelerates tissue regeneration. Have you noticed that at sea, any scratches heal literally before your eyes? This is possible due to the potassium chloride salts dissolved in it.

After swimming in the sea (especially with a high salt content), salt settles in small particles on the skin. If you dry a little after bathing and then massage your face, you will get the effect of soft peeling. Take a shower and fix the result with ultra moisturizing cream for face and body «CERAMED». Do not forget that sea water, drying the skin, makes it less elastic. Together with being under the hot southern sun, this leads to a loss of elasticity, wrinkles form and the skin begins to age prematurely.


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