Anxiety, jittery jet lag, and even cancer can all be triggered by a mobile phone under your pillow.

We all do this often. Sometimes without thinking, sometimes by accident, sometimes out of habit. Despite the fact that doctors urge us not to go near blue screens 2 hours before bedtime, few people follow these recommendations. But what about a gentle text message to a loved one before going to bed in the end? Often, after the last glance at the screen, we reflexively send the phone under the pillow. A simple practiced move that can lead to serious consequences. And not all of them are reversible.

Why is it dangerous to sleep with your phone under your pillow?

A cell phone is known to emit electromagnetic fields of varying frequencies, from extremely low to ultra high. These are the very waves of mobile communication, thanks to which we communicate. And although many scientists are still arguing how dangerous their effect on the human body is, one thing is clear: it certainly does not go unnoticed. Especially in the long run.Smartphone electromagnetic radiation:

  • increases the risk of developing oncological diseases of the brain and thyroid gland;
  • negatively affects the psyche in general;
  • knocks down the natural biorhythms of the body;
  • provokes insomnia;
  • impairs memory.

So we advise you to put your mobile phone at least one and a half meters from the place where you sleep. Enjoy time alone with cozy bed linen that will make your every night tender!


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