The same raincoat, which in our youth seemed to us something boring to the point of yawning, is now officially the most fashionable outerwear. And this is great news: finally, your favorite coats and bomber jackets will have a worthy competitor who will definitely not go out of fashion. Trench coats (or in short: trench coats) began their victorious march into the wardrobes of the entire planet almost a century and a half ago. The classic model, proposed by the founding father of the British Burberry, Thomas Burberry, has come down to us almost unchanged: beige color, two rows of buttons, a belt with a buckle, epaulettes and the obligatory rifle valve — a tribute to his army past.

The sandy color scheme of classic trench coats is a truly versatile option. It doesn’t matter which shade you choose: light beige or rich terracotta, a trench coat will equally decorate a T-shirt with jeans, complemented by contrasting ankle boots, and a knitted midi dress, even if paired with a pair of sneakers.

In our fairly harsh climate, the ability of a trench coat to keep air out will be valuable, which significantly reduces the likelihood of freezing from the wind. The practicality of a trench coat is also noticeable in its simple care: most often, such a raincoat will be enough to wash in a washing machine, and complex stains will be removed without any problems even in the simplest dry cleaning.

Classic, solid trench coat does not let water through. This quality, as you understand, was and remains especially valuable in his homeland — in Great Britain, where it rains every day. Water resistance ensures the density of twill weave, but sometimes the fabric can be additionally treated with special water-repellent compounds, so even in a downpour, raindrops will easily and naturally flow from your raincoat.


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