Already in elementary school, children get tired of bulky satchels in the form of boxes with straps, although it is hard not to admit that such satchels are the most convenient for a novice student. Toward the end of elementary school, children are asked to replace the little toy bags with cars and dolls for more serious accessories.

Before buying a children’s backpack, parents face the problem of choice, because it is important that this accessory combines all the advantages: it is aesthetic, fashionable, and most importantly, comfortable. But the most important thing is that the child likes this accessory, emphasizes his individuality and brings only pleasant emotions. Consider the following backpack for children.

— Completely made of breathable, safe, pleasant to the touch, wear-resistant material, making it durable and ready to endure all the difficulties of daily or school life.
— It is held on the back due to two shoulder straps, which are conveniently and easily adjusted to the height and physique of the child.
— The color scheme is a combination of a pleasant, soft yellow color with one of the additional colors. Paired with yellow are blue, red or blue — you can choose any suitable gamut to your taste. Thanks to the universal colors, it can be both a backpack for boys and a backpack for girls.

The design of this model is thought out to the details:

The main compartment is fastened with a convenient double zipper. Books, toys and everything that the child needs to take with them can easily fit there.
Another front compartment, also under a zipper, is perfect for useful little things. For example, for pens and felt-tip pens, for headphones and for much more.
There are small mesh pockets on the sides.
Thanks to the efforts of the manufacturer, such children’s backpacks find their place in the wardrobe of children of different ages — boys and girls who love everything bright and high quality. A stylish and attractive accessory will become a real dream for a child. And parents will like that this waterproof and high-quality backpack is strong and durable.

In addition, now it has become much easier to search for and purchase children’s backpacks: the Wildberries catalog is available online. It is enough to go to the online store of children’s backpacks, get acquainted with the assortment, choose the right color scheme and make the right choice.