Assessing the cleanliness and comfort in our own home, we are usually attentive to the cleanliness of the floor, windows and various surfaces; old-school cleaners run their fingers along the baseboard. However, few people even among the fans of cleanliness think that it is possible to purify the air, and this is important.

Dust particles and harmful impurities are carried in the air, dust, hair and pet hair are added to them in the apartment; in spring and summer, plant pollen and poplar fluff are added, which is dangerous for allergy sufferers.

It should be easier in winter, but no: a side effect of the operation of heating radiators is a noticeable decrease in humidity in the premises. In a room with too dry air, it becomes more difficult to breathe, mucous membranes dry out (you will notice this by the redness of the eyes), the skin condition worsens, and chronic diseases worsen. Too dry air has a detrimental effect not only on people: indoor plants dry out in such an atmosphere, wooden furniture and parquet can dry out, and wallpaper can peel off.

How does an air washer work?

The expression “air washer” sounds funny if you don’t know what kind of device it is. But it literally does just that: purifies and humidifies the air you breathe.

The sink sucks in air with the help of a fan. Inside the device, it falls on rotating disks that are wetted with water, and on which all harmful impurities settle. Clean humidified air comes out of the sink.

How is it different from more affordable humidifiers?

Air washer has all the advantages of more affordable humidifiers, but none of the disadvantages.

“Unlike steam humidifiers, air washing cannot burn you. In addition, when the device is used for a long time, the room will not be hot.

– Unlike cold-type humidifiers, air washing does not need you to disassemble and rinse it (in the case of this type of humidifier, this is necessary, otherwise harmful particles begin to accumulate inside and microbes multiply, and then all this is released into the air along with moisture ).

— Unlike ultrasonic humidifiers, air washing does not require purified (or even distilled) water and special consumables that you need to buy — paper filters.

What do you get with the air washer?

“Now, when you come to your own home, you will find yourself in an oasis of clean, pleasant atmosphere.

— Clean humidified air is the basic condition for your performance. By the way, you can also buy an air washer for your office.

— The quality of your rest will also be different: breathing clean air, you will sleep better and recover faster.

— Air washing is especially useful for allergy sufferers, as it cleans the air of most dangerous impurities.

Air washer BORT Silver Air

This high-tech device will solve two main tasks: cleaning and humidifying the air. Air enters the rotating washing cartridges, which are wetted with water; all harmful remains inside the device, and clean humidified air comes out.

The filter of this model can be disassembled and washed; You don’t have to buy any consumables.

Technical characteristics of air washer BORT SILVER AIR

type of humidifier — natural evaporation;

serviced area — 25 m2;

duration of work — 21 hours;

rubberized legs;

automatic operating mode plus three manual modes: slow, medium, high;

three backlight modes and night mode (no backlight);

display of temperature and humidity level on the front panel of the device;

indication of low water level;

silent operation — up to 35 dB;

continuous operation time — 10 hours;

auto-off function;

power — 12 W;

tank capacity for filling water — 5.5 l;

water consumption — 260 ml / h;

product weight — 5.5 kg;

warranty period: 2 years.

Air washer BORT Crystal Air

The air in your apartment will become fresh, as it happens only at the sea or in the mountains. Under natural conditions, the air is ionized with the help of natural electricity — these are thunderstorms and cosmic radiation.

The superpower of this model is the ionization function. Bort Crystal Air effectively cleans the air from the smallest particles of dust and allergens, and also saturates it with negative ions, imitating natural ionization.

Technical characteristics of BORT Crystal Air:

type of humidifier — natural evaporation;

tank capacity — 4 200 ml;

water consumption — 350 ml / h;

the possibility of adding water from above;

built-in timer;

ionization function;

the area of ​​the serviced premises is 30 m2;

humidity indication;

indication of low water level;

automatic shutdown function;

night mode;

the ability to adjust the speed of work;

up to 12.5 hours of continuous operation;

power — 15 W;

product weight — 6 kg.

Air washing is an investment in the health, good mood and performance of your family or work team. BORT Silver Air will add a healthy atmosphere to your home or office, and BORT Crystal Air will add a thunderous freshness to it.