On the modern plumbing market, there is simply a huge number of models of mixers made of various metal alloys. The most frequently purchased are brass products, which have already become familiar to us in terms of appearance, as well as price and excellent quality, as well as the safest for health in daily use.
Few people remember that in our «Soviet» past, sanitary ware was also made of stainless steel. Today, such products are presented less frequently than brass ones, due to a higher price, which are distinguished by excellent characteristics and a modern look.

In order to meet current market trends, ARGOTECH brand has developed a whole range of stainless steel faucets at a CAREFUL PRICE for MASS DEMAND.

Why this particular material, stainless steel?

Stainless steel products have undoubted advantages:
Stainless steel is an alloy of iron with carbon and/or other elements.
Stainless steel is a material that speaks for itself: it does not rust.
Stainless steel is not afraid of thermal and mechanical loads, corrosion damage even in places where the integrity of the product is damaged.
Stainless steel is safe for human health.
And of course — aesthetic appeal. Models without chrome coating have a very pleasant satin texture and original color.

ARGOTECH invites you to meet NEW 2022 — line of mixers SOLID for kitchens stainless steelcomplemented by universal flexible spouts in various color options, as well as models for drinking water in trendy shades.


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